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posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: commerial diver training course
Hi i am james and i am looking for some help/advice i am 19 and currently going through scuba diver training, i would however like to extend my training and hopefully make a career out of it but so far i have searched and searched about commercial diver courses and companies who employ/train commercial diving. any advice to possibly point me in the right direction be very helpfull

posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: commerial diver training course
i am at Plymouth University (21 years old) studying Ocean Science. one of my modules this year is Scientific Diving, and it's a year long course, which gets an HSE Professional Scuba certificate at the end. i'm pretty sure this is the qualification you need to get into commercial diving. on top of course fees for uni, this scuba course cost an extra 900 (which covers cost of all the extra bits). i think this is a lot cheaper than if you did the course somewhere else.

anyway, cya

posted : October 10, 2004 Post subject: commerial diver training course
Hi James, I've just completed my open water diver course up at capernwray, i was talking to some guy about commercial diving myself, he told me that the course for commercial diving is held at Fort William up in Scotland, costs 13,000 and is run over a 3 month period. Hope this is of some help to you.....

posted : September 7, 2005 Post subject: commerial diver training course

Firstly, there aren't any Companies who pay for your courses or train you as such. All divers (commercial) pay for their own courses and then approach Companies to employ them. Most divers are Self-Employed.

An initial course is the HSE Part I (this is called a Basic Air Divers course and is exactly what it says on th can - basic!) you cannot get employed with it!

To work commercially now you will need the following:

1. HSE Part I (10,000)
2. HSE Part II (10,000)
3. CSWIP 3.2U (3,000)
4. CSWIP 3.1U (3,000)
5. IMCA Medic (1,000) incl HSE First Aid
6. Offshore Survival (2,000)
7. HSE Diving Medical (250)

To work in the Middle East (currently paying 70.68 per day)
Must have above and two (2) years offshore experience

To work in North Sea
Must have above and at least five (5) years offshore experience

To work inland (civils)
Only Part I/HSE First Aid/Diving Medical Required
No experience earning about 75-100 per day

Advice: Go back to school!

posted : February 28, 2009 Post subject: commerial diver training course
Fort William is one of the best commercial diving training schools in the UK, try there.

Are you sure you want to become a commercial diver i am a PADI pro and that is another really good job to have a look out

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