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posted : August 5, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
I am looking for people to test a programe I am working on.

posted : August 6, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
first observations from the screenshots / descriptions....

it'd be easier to calc the SI from the time out of dive n to the time in of dive n+1 rather than greying out the time in and only allowing an SI to be entered. should be easy enough to have it calc whichever one you don't change and allow more flexibility. i'm assuming you can take an SI from one day to the next? e.g. night dive to 28m on the thistlegorm at 8pm, first dive next morning to 30m on the t.gorm at 7am etc.

location - this should be editable regardless. i can understand locking the date, but locking the location isn't so good. i don't like to search for readily required info. generally, i'll put the name of the wreck etc as the location, not just the general locality.

i'm not conversant with PADI so have no idea what to do with, nor familiar with the dive logs etc, however one thing that i did notice was no provision for nitrox. dunno what happens once you've got your nitrox ticket with padi, but i honestly can't remember the last time i dived 21/79

i've not tried, nor will i be trying the software, as i gave up transferring data from the dive computer about 10 years ago as it was a novelty, got to be too much hassle and was way too geeky ;-) it's as much as i can do to quickly scribble down some dive details in 4 or 5 mins after the dive, let alone download it all from the computer to another computer, fill in all the other bits etc etc.

be careful how you end that page. comments such as "If you don't like it, don't use it, Don't complain." are not appreciated when you're canvassing public beta testers.

posted : August 6, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
one other thing, you have a "copy from personal details". a "copy from previous dive" would be a useful addition, purely as dive kit and dive type changes more regularly than the rest of the the stuff. i'd even go so far as to have any new dive default to the settings from the previous dive, or at the very least have this as an option in the personal settings section.

the cylinder details section on the right needs to be expanded to allow cylinder size to be added. this can then give you gas performance stats, which would be considerably more useful than just an in and out figure as these are meaningless when the cyl capacity isn't included.

posted : August 6, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
This looks very interesting, I will do some testing for you when I do the paperwork after my holiday. I will write a detailed report for you then. (about the 25th)

posted : August 18, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
Thank you for your comments.
I have changed a few things and am in the process of adding nitrox

posted : September 15, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
hi i downloaded this and could not get it to work , i have emailed the author with no reply . I installed as instructed but no joy , any ideas ??

posted : September 18, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
Ok i got it to work after a fashion, but i would like this to be fully functional as it looks a great bit of kit !!! So if the author is reading this , please drop me an email and lets see what i can do to get full functionallity, this is a good piece of kit and it would be a shame not to be able to use it to its full abillities.

posted : September 21, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
You can contact me using the email button in the software.

I have had an email fron a DF but I keep geting an error when trying to reply.
When emailing me please make shure the retunemail address is correct in the mail setup.

posted : September 23, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
Sorry about that having a bit of bother with my email will try again later with an alternative adress , and as stated before it really does look a good log.

posted : September 23, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log
Glad you like it, hope I can get a serial number to you when your mail is sorted

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