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posted : July 20, 2007 Post subject: Diving in cyprus
Just got back from diving in Cyprus Coral bay area and went to three dive centres thought u might like to know where to go and where not to go.
First i went to Cydive this rates 0 out of 10 for all of no friendliness trying to belittle and making you feel like you cannot even swim and so you will go on there dives only. what’s the point of paying for a PADI dive certification if they portray that they are the only skilled divers in the world. I could not even hire a cylinder of air not so much nitrox I could have understood off this company. Stay clear they are pure sales men.

The next was Coral Bay Divers not too far from the other, this guy was not too bad to say convinced him after 20 minutes that i could swim ? and I felt like what’s is the point of having a PADI card to prove i have gone through training to be asked multiple questions about dives etc. felt like i was being interrogated for 20 minutes and then I had to lie and say the cylinders were for the pool to be able to hire them.
To cap it with this company when I hired the two cylinders for the day and had a right good dive at the Appridites rock when I went back and asked for the cylinders to be filled first thing in the morning there were none available all of a sudden until 5 pm ?. bit late for me diving getting ready for me tea at this time.
Gave them a 3 out of 10.

Third place only yards from the last mentioned called Marine Divers I gave them a 8 out of 10 and this would proberly be 10 out of 10 but ran out of time on holiday.
Went in flashed my much prized PADI card filled in quick form received two fully charged aluminium cylinders [ and the weight does make a difference on long entry’s to sea ] and I was stood there in shock so easy so professional and so the right way to conduct there business.
Thought all PADI approved establishments were like this but they are not ?.

I have not under gone training and paid good money to be rejected and interrogated with the aim of guiding me on to there expensive dives. I feel they do underestimate people and there experience with water, just because we have had a PADI card for say one year does not mean that we have only learnt to swim and become water cautious in one year, please give people the benefit of the doubt and your sale techniques need to be altered I know you have to make a living but you are giving your selves a bad reputation.

Regards Bruce

posted : July 21, 2007 Post subject: Diving in cyprus
Hi Bruce,

sorry to hear about some of your less fortunate experiences with the dive centres.

I must admit I had similar issues with dive centres when I was throwing my advanced open water card around, they seemed to regard the PADI qualifications as a bit "touristy".

I switched to SAA/CMAS at the begining of the year and the dive centres I've been to seem to take these qualifications a lot more seriously. Most of the time they take a quick glance at the card and ask no more questions.

A few things I have noticed having trained with both PADI and SAA are:

PADI seem to rush the training, I understand why as most people who train with PADI are on holiday and don't want to waste too much time., but I'd still have preferred to take a little longer for it to all sink in.

Also PADI seems a lot more expensive.

The SAA club I'm with instead of cramming everything into three or four full days spend a good few weeks training one day a week, with both theory and practical training. However, because the SAA is a non profit organisation you have to understand that they're trainers aren't being paid and they're course materials aren't as posh and glossy as PADI's. So I guess they both have their good points and bad points. Just thought I'd share my experiences.

I'm hoping to head to Cyprus next year, any hints n tips on Hotels in the area?



posted : July 24, 2007 Post subject: Diving in cyprus
I did my both my open water and advanced in Cyprus. Used Taba diving school you can find them on the net. Really good outfit. Stayed in the Electra holiday village just outside ayia napa. No there were not lots of drunk blokes - apart from me, and no not lots of wasted ladies. So thats the downside. You must dive the Zenobia. Real good dive. Very cheep as well. You will love it

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