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posted : July 15, 2007 Post subject: Do I buy all the gear?
Hi, I have recently passed my Open water (it was a surprise pressie from my wife) and I really enjoyed it. With a 2 year old, I don't get many opportunities to go but would really like to get into this. If I was only going to use this while I was on holiday once per year, do you think there is any point in buying all the gear? I have a mask,Snorkel, fins and boots.

posted : July 16, 2007 Post subject: Do I buy all the gear?
for once per year on holiday, i don't think i'd bother, however having your own gear does mean you can configure it to how you want, get used to it and don't get any random hire gear.
i'd probs suggest doing one trip on hire gear before deciding how hooked you are on diving.

when you find you are hooked and you NEED stuff....

top of your list should be a decent set of regs, then the BCD, then a dive computer. the computer could be picked up cheap on ebay as you won't be needing anything extreme, although having a nitrox model would help it retain some value.
if you can, get the regs new. failing that, visit your local dive shop for good 2nd hand gear. there are some bargains to be had on ebay but you need to know what you're bidding on. personally, i swear by apex tx50's and poseidon cyklons.
BCD's are a similar story. if you can, get new, and consider picking something that you can use in this country as may make the swap to the dark waters!
buying a lamp is worthwhile as it'll save on the hire fee. the underwater kinetics c4 eLED torch is great for clear, holiday waters and will easily do a weeks night diving on one set of batteries and doesn't weigh a ton in your luggage. you can always get a good resale price on it as well if you find you don't like night diving.
also, don't forget about some kind of wetsuit.

finally, you need to consider the extra packing weight with the dive gear against how much stuff you'll be taking for the little 'un. it's suprising how quickly it adds up even when you try to pack light.

posted : July 25, 2007 Post subject: Do I buy all the gear?
I think devilgas got it pretty nail on head but IMHO I wouldnt bother with BCD - too expensive, too bulky and doesnt make enough of a differnce to your diving experience in early days of diving - especially given their cost. Comparativley -nothing is worse than a shredded ill fitting wetsuit thats been widdled in by 100's of divers before you. You get colder quicker and feel unpleasant. So get a wet-suit ! Regs also worth it but you can def live on most hire gear for a while - just while you make sure you can/do get into scuba.

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