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posted : July 13, 2007 Post subject: Apeks Reg choice
Hi all,
I'm looking to get my first set of regs, and want something that I wont have to replace for a long time.
I have spotted some good deals within my budget for either an ATX200/Egress or a XTX40/Egress package at the same price.

Does anyone know whats better? the best of the old model or the entry level of the new model??

posted : July 19, 2007 Post subject: Apeks Reg choice
I was in the same position as you a few months back. I have a weird quirk in my nature that hates having to upgrade kit. So I bit the bullet and bought Poseidon XStreams instead.

I've used Apeks regs which really do deserve their reputation as cold water regs but compared to the Xstreams they're not even in the same league.

If you plan on heading to Nitrox definitely get the Xstream Duration regs! Make sure you get the standard 1st stage not the silly 90* version. I can't recommend these regs enough!

Just my £0.02

posted : July 21, 2007 Post subject: Apeks Reg choice
I must agree with ootini Poseidon regs are the way forwards I have the atx200 and they works fine but having use the Poseidon reg the way out perform them there’s no knobs and levers to play with just enjoy the dive and breath! Having said this they are an acquired taste, if the xstrem is out the window because of the cost (and the service cost is a bit steep) take a look @ the cyclones there great totally built proof and a bit cheaper I have found regulator and DV is a very personal thing as others in my club have apeks and love em try b4 u buy I think?

posted : July 21, 2007 Post subject: Apeks Reg choice
The Cyklons are fantastic regs as are the Jetstreams. I'm not exactly sure what the difference is as they are priced identically normally.

posted : July 22, 2007 Post subject: Apeks Reg choice
Cyklon is the basic demand system, you suck and the valve opens and the ait flows.

Jetstream have a pilot-valve too, so again you suck and this the pilot-valve helps to open the"main"-valve.

The jetstreams gives a lot rather suddenly. Alot do like them for deep-dives.

If possible try : )

Have fun


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