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posted : July 10, 2007 Post subject: cold water Regulators?
Hi i'm new to diving and i'm starting to buy my own equipment. What i'd like to know is, is it recommended to buy cold water regs for diving in the uk? as this is where i will be doing most of my diving i want to buy the appropriate equipment and help will be most gratefully recieved.

posted : July 11, 2007 Post subject: cold water Regulators?
Hi karmsemaj

My first choice would be Mares MR 22 Abyss(300 bar DIN), believe it is now just called Abyss 22. Simple mechanics when it comes to the first stage, so not alot that can go wrong in there. it will give you enough air, also on deep dives like say 40 M, don`t eassiely freeflows while diving in strong current. Works in cold water, belove 8 degrees celious, without a coldwater kit.
If I am not wrong aproved by the US navy standards.

The swedish company poseidon also makes good regulators. There to work well at deepth, currents and cold water too. With the jetstream and cykloon 5000, the queistion would be wether or not you like the breathing from them. For thoose two try them before buying. For exemlpe I like them, my wife hates them......

The best advise would simply to try as many different regulators you can and then make up your mind.

Look as well what it will cost you to get it services, since there are differences in the servicekit prices.

Happy diving and bubbles

posted : July 19, 2007 Post subject: cold water Regulators?
Hi mate,

In my humble opinion, I'd suggest forking out a few quid and buying Poseidons, and if you really have got some spare cash go fo rthe XStreams. They're fantastic coldwater regs, incredibly simply and durable, there's no fancy buttons or levers to make everything complicated. Also the first stage has a huge spring that acts as a heat sink making the chance of freeflows minimal.

Buy 'em, they're brilliant!


posted : July 19, 2007 Post subject: cold water Regulators?
Hi thanks for the replys guys, i ended up buying a set of Aqua Lung - Legend LX Supreme that i'm really pleased with, partly because they came with a free octpus.

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