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posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: DRYSUIT ADVICE / REVIEWS

My partner and I are both predominately warm water divers but have made the "change" ....(no surgery required....thankfully) to dry diving in the UK we have hired our drysuits previously as we have all our other kit but feel its time to take out his moth eaten old wallet and get ourselves a couple of drysuits.

We have both used and liked trilaminate type drysuits so we have at least partially decided the type we want what we have to do now is understand what companies to avoid - we have read some bad things about Northern Divers service so have excluded that company......

Any recommendations you could provide for or against manufacturers would be appreciated - also if you have a particular suit which you absolutely love let us know.

note we are purely rec divers we have not technical quals nor any intention of going down that road if this helps with the dry suit evaluation.

Price isnt a major issue but I am scottish so bear it in mind with your recommendations :)

posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: DRYSUIT ADVICE / REVIEWS
i can only go on the suits i've had so far - 2 ND's and a nato trilam. first suit was a 7mm ND drybag (2nd hand!). that died after a few years of me owning it - it got to the point where there was more black withch holding it together than sound neoprene.
i then found a NATO membrane suit in my LDS. bargain and by far the best suit i've dived in. you do need to modify it as usually the inflater is the military one and there is no dump. both mods are simple though, but removing the old inflater can be a bit of a battle. any nicks etc can be repaired with a bicycle puncture repair kit and you can literally be diving minutes after a repair. it's black rubber so will not win any design awards, has no pockets or other fancy stuff, but is a great suit to dive and never let me down.
that suit eventually perished (my bad storage methods) and was then replaced with another northern diver - this time a membrane. in fairness to ND, the suit is constructed really well and is hard wearing. the latex seals all have neoprene covers over them (which i can't say i'm a fan of). there is a large cargo pocket, zip covers and various other bells and whistles. the downside was that it needed to go back to ND twice as the suit supplied had a torso length that turned me into a soprano! when it came back after the 2nd adjustment it fitted fine.

my first choice would still be another NATO suit, but getting hold of them isn't that easy.

hope that's of some use?

posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: DRYSUIT ADVICE / REVIEWS
Devilgas thats exactly the type of info I'm looking for thanks lets hope other follow your lead and ive us some more info on their experience of different drysuits.

posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: DRYSUIT ADVICE / REVIEWS
I've tried 4 drysuits, 1 neoprene ND, 1 membrane Seac (i think) and 2 membrane typhoons.

TBH i've found the typhoons so much better, whether this has been due to fit of it, as i'm quite tall, and fairly round on the torso and stomach.

posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: DRYSUIT ADVICE / REVIEWS
Bikky interested that you mentioned Typhoons as this is a brand that we had peeked at would be interested what "model" of suit you had?

posted : July 6, 2007 Post subject: DRYSUIT ADVICE / REVIEWS
Hi Lainey,

Have some friends in Denmark diving in Typhone and they are happy with them and I must say they look well made, personaly I can`t stand trilam. suits. I have a Bare compressed and I don`t feel taht squessed u/w. Bare have nice tick latex wrist seal, there neckseal if I am not wrong is latex too for the trilam. !!!

Happy buying and bubbles

posted : July 19, 2007 Post subject: DRYSUIT ADVICE / REVIEWS
Personally I'd recommend Aquatech dry suits. They're all custom built in North Wales. They provide suits for most of the emergency services and the military.

The service isn't the fastest in the world due to all their large contracts but the suits are of impeccable quality at a decent price.

posted : July 25, 2007 Post subject: DRYSUIT ADVICE / REVIEWS
Typhoon dry suits are made in the uk so would b easy to get new seals put on and things , i would go for an otter suit they are made in bradford and are top notch they do made to measure as well for a few quid more some ppl in my club have had them 10yrs+ and still luv em

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