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posted : June 8, 2007 Post subject: spammers
i'm an occasional user of the forums but am getting dismayed at the obvious spam attempts by certain users trying to promote their own websites.
there are numerous postings by elizabeth and desmond4m which are clearly aimed at sending traffic to their generic travel site with posts having very loose, if any, connection with diving. if it was relevant, there'd be no issues. mostly they are there so that the pair of the posters can 'answer' each others questions.
it would be useful if there were a "report this post" against each topic & thread so that these could be flagged and weeded from the system. only my opinion of course, but spam such as this dilutes the rest of the info within the forums.

posted : June 8, 2007 Post subject: spammers
I total agree with the above this is for diving related topics and not a chat room, there is some very sound advise given by diver wanting to help other ,don,t spoil it keep the spam out

Nick B - Administrator
posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: spammers
To all anti-spammers!

Devilgas and Paul have highlighted a problem that we at UK Diving and Dive International face on a daily basis. We attempt to eradicate all Spam and self-advertising in the forums to make them a reliable resource, and to guarantee that they stay free of charges for all our users; unfortunately there are the occasional posts that we miss.

The idea of the "report this post" button is an excellent idea, and we hope to incorporate it into our upcoming site re-design, but until we have this service any reports of Spam posts on the forums, that are sent to my e-mail address, will be confirmed and removed as soon as possible. All that is required is the username of the suspected spammer (as devilgas has done above) and ideally what section of the forum the post is in (eg. General > spammers).

This information can be sent to me directly at, or to the rest of the UK Diving and Dive International team and the offending post will be removed as soon as possible and we will hopefully keep Spam to a minimum!

If you have any questions, comments or queries, don't hesitate to post here or email us.

Nick B

(P.S. Posts by elizabeth and desmond4m have now been removed from the forums)

posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: spammers
nice one! thanks nick.

another one to possibly check for is the posts by henry_msrc and his shark protection sticks (photo, equipment, general forums). they are kinda relevant though, well, relevant if you're paranoid about nobby's!

will confine future reports to email.

Nick B - Administrator
posted : June 11, 2007 Post subject: spammers
No Problem Devilgas!

Thanks for the "heads-up" about Henry_msrc, I've checked it out and have removed his posts from the forums. If you do spot anything else please continue to report it (email will probably get the quickest reply, but posting the problem is also fine) and we will do what we can to get it removed asap.

Thanks again!


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