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posted : May 17, 2007 Post subject: safety stops
Im new to the forum and a new OW diver, and am enjoying getting experience and confidence before going for AOW.

I always make a point of observing safe practice - safety stops even on very shallow dives. Having read through various other threads, people sometimes talk about 3mins @ 5metres, 5 @ 5, 3 @ 6 etc... i tend to stick to 3 @ 5, my stinger watch keeps a good eye on this. I realise that depth has a lot to do with this - but would appreciate your thoughts on this.

posted : May 30, 2007 Post subject: safety stops
Hi, Glad to hear you kept up the practice of safety stops, These are not mandatory or enforced but it will never do you any harm. unless you havn't got the air left to do one. in your training for padi ow we teach them as a saftey issue because not everyone is the same, just because padi recreational diving is no decompression diving does not mean that you will never get a bend, Keep on with the stops, i have over 200 dives and still do a 3min at 5m no matter what depth i go to, good luck with your aow, regards Tack

ADM Diving
posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: safety stops
I'm so glad your reading around on the subject of diving... well done.

If you want to know more post me a Q on the technical Q&A forum as where, how and why deco stops are done and what's going on inside you...

It is a really good idea to do these safety stops on every dive... make this a good habit. also keep well hydrated and allow at least 24 hours before flying...

check out and go read all of the dive safety information...

cheers Andrew

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