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posted : May 7, 2007 Post subject: Diabetic needs medic buddy to learn
I've not dived before but has always been very keen. 2 years ago I was diagnosed as diabetic - now in order to dive (apart from taking a medical) I have to dive with a buddy who either knows me (my friends and family either have no interest in diving or are very experienced divers) or a trained medic or paramedic who is familiar with the problems of diabetics. Can anyone help??

posted : May 8, 2007 Post subject: Diabetic needs medic buddy to learn
couldent a member of st john ambulance or any first aider that is familliar with procediour go with you?? as they would be more trained than you familly members but there are more out there than paramedics. I was a member of st john and now im a met. police cadet (well nearly) and looking into joining the red cross as a first aider if you need info on sending a buddy on one of the first aid courses contact me . were abouts do you live??

posted : May 8, 2007 Post subject: Diabetic needs medic buddy to learn
Thanks for your reply - I have taken the words off this website - I am not sure I'd be accepted to dive with someone not medically qualified. Perhaps I had a bad run but in my experience, treatment of diabetics is not included in the average first aid course - a straw poll of my office st john's ambulance trained first aiders had half wanting to give me insulin, the other half sugar... all were guessing. please let me know if there is a course which includes treatment of diabetics Thanks

posted : May 17, 2007 Post subject: Diabetic needs medic buddy to learn
Lol sorry long reply mate. Strange to get that response from St John first aider's but I found that training in Australia was much more in depth than UK st John i had to train 3 times a week and had to do a lil exam to get my cercificate. Any way thats another story, were do you come from mate? Iv got quite a few friends working in some private ambulance ffirms and i could ask them. Just to secure it in my mind its give sugary food if theres a problem involving a diabetic unless the diabetic tells you its insulin they need. He he he every first aider loves giving injections but 99.99% of the time we aint covered to actually inject any one.

posted : June 5, 2007 Post subject: Diabetic needs medic buddy to learn
I live in London, though will happily combine travel with my dive training - last time I checked there weren't fantastic things to see at the bottom of the Thames...
It's clear your training was successful - I think perhaps first aid for the work place is how to put on a plaster or call for an ambulance :)

posted : June 6, 2007 Post subject: Diabetic needs medic buddy to learn
Ye probablly they were trusting us with patient transfer and things so our training had to be more in depth, and we were insured by them so they had to make sure we did the right thing :P I think its a question of trust here, some one could be perfectly qualified but you wouldent trust them therfore you wouldent dive with them. If you felt confident enough with a friend that was trained maybe even by you i don think there would be a problem, but then again its you with the condition not me and its probably easier me suggesting this than you doing it. Have you asked your governing body for advice?

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