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posted : May 6, 2007 Post subject: Pre-Qualified Diving
Is it okay to go diving before you are qualified, if the diver you are going with is a dive instructor?

Bit like when your folks took you driving as a kid before you got your license?

posted : May 7, 2007 Post subject: Pre-Qualified Diving
As in to see if you like the sport, im preety sure PADI has an introduction course thing just so your satisfied you like the sport. I think this includes a 10-20 min theory (not 100% on that one) and 2 dives.

posted : May 8, 2007 Post subject: Pre-Qualified Diving
I've done a try dive in a pool and found it all fine, I snorkelled so feel fairly comfortable in open water in snorkelling conditions, so presume the combination of the two will be fine as well.

It was more a case of gaining additional experience while doing the course.

posted : May 11, 2007 Post subject: Pre-Qualified Diving
Hi in the UK there's no stating you have to be trained.
You would be mad to go diving with out any basic training.
best of luck

posted : May 12, 2007 Post subject: Pre-Qualified Diving
When I did my own open water one with NAUI many years ago, I had a friend who had previuosly done all the classroom and pool stuff, no problem. However on the first open water dive he couldn't do it and gave up after that.
I've only just started diving again after fourteen years so am a bit out of touch now, however, from the example I have just described perhaps diving training should incorporate a 'try out' dive after some short tuition before taking on the expense and time training before a dive to give you a tast of what's to come.

posted : May 12, 2007 Post subject: Pre-Qualified Diving
Hi, to answer your ?? is easy NO, any responsable instructor would not take you out diving with out prier basic training, I have been instructing for over 15 years and still would not take any one with out basic traing best regards Paul

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