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posted : May 3, 2007 Post subject: TO dive or not to Dive?

I am currently thinking about getting into the sport of diving. A good friend has been diving for years and keeps nagging me to have a go.

I have 'dove' LOL before while in the British forces in Cyprus and mush admit I loved it! but......

I used to ride a motorcycle and gave it up becasue I was doing to many 'risk to life' things. When I say to many I paraglide and Paramotor, in fact I run a paramotor School in Lambourn Berkshire now just to follow my dream of flying. anyway......

So I umed and ared about getting anther bike and thoght nope and then the diving thing popped back up into my head..... question is Risk/Reward ??

Well, Hello all.

Kind Regards
Simon Westmore (learn to fly?)
07983 428 453

Adrenaline Junkie
posted : May 4, 2007 Post subject: TO dive or not to Dive?

The way i see it is that you only live once and you should do whatever makes you happy. Plus, diving is hardly a big risk to life providing you're suitably qualified, guided and using the correct, well maintained kit!

I loved it so much when i started diving a few years back, that next week i go over to Sharm El Sheikh to complete my Master Scuba Diver Trainer Scuba Instructor qualification/training!!

I'm aiming to make a living from diving, but at the end of the day, its all for fun! Its the most incredible feeling, as i'm sure you're aware having dived previously.

I say go for it, and good luck with whatever you decide!

Take care,


scuba bubbles 33
posted : May 8, 2007 Post subject: TO dive or not to Dive?
go for it I have recently qualified and love it, yes there is a risk if you are not properly trained but isn't there a risk with everything in life. i get a fantastic buzz out of diving and I am always looking for the next one.

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