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posted : April 13, 2007 Post subject: NATURAL TREATMENT FOR ASTHMA

By December, 2005 I fall ill with an asthmatic bronchitis and I was two weeks in bed into my house, (it is supposed that they were hospitalizing me but my neumologo recommended to me to stay in house for the dangers of the bacteria in the hospitals).

After this episode I was recurrently with asthma, I would say that almost every week had to give me respiratory therapies and I spent hundreds of dollars in doctors and medicines. My immunologycal system was very weak and was feeling me badly almost all the time, very tired. There were occasions in which the neumologo managed to me to prescribe up to seven different medicines to take them every day. I was very tired of taking so many medicines, of improving and returning to relapse, of not being able to do exercises, etc. Until one day approximately three months ago a woman who had just known recommended me to try with ASTEXPECT made of ASTERACEAS's FLOUR, and she said to me that it had helped her very much with her asthma. I thought that I did not have anything to lose and much that to gain. I decided to look for information in the Internet and it seemed to me a good natural product so I decided to prove it so I arranged it for Internet, besides I could continue buying if it was doing me well. And the product resulted so it has done a lot of good to me. I am taking just now the third flask. Since I began to take it I have felt with more energy, in two months and a half I have had to give me only two respiratory therapies in my house and they have not even been the same day, when before I had to give me from three to four respiratory daily therapies. I am sure that Iím very grateful first to God and then to ASTEXPECT. Now I can go out without any problem to the discotecs (to listen the music and dance), theatres, and different places.

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