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posted : April 9, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log Question...
When filling in my dive log I'm really interested in what kind of things I could list for the following questions:

* water type
* access type
* surge
* sky
* surface
* thermal protection

I know I could just put anything, but I'd like an idea of what range of things other people fill their logs out with.



posted : April 10, 2007 Post subject: Dive Log Question...
For 'water type' you can only say whether it was fresh or saltwater. For 'access type' you can say how you got in the water, if it was from a boat or shore, pier, negative entry, and any other notes which will remind you next time you dive this site. For 'surge' you can note whether there was any and how strong it was and did it make it difficult to get in. For 'sky' you could just put what the weather was like or you could note the cloud formations and how these affected the dive conditions. For 'surface' you could note if there were any 'white horses' on the horizon and if you chose to dive whether it was a good decision so that you can perhaps alter your decision if the conditions are similar next time. For 'thermal protection' you need to note what you wore during the dive and also make a note of how much weight you needed whilst wearing this protection. You should use these entries as a diary so that you can plan in advance the next time you dive the site and know what to expect before you get in the water, you may be the only person in the group who has dived this site before.

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