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posted : April 1, 2007 Post subject: condensation
has anyone any answer to stop the lense and viewing screen from getting condensation,therefore blocking the picture.i,ve heard that if you put moisture absorbant bags into the case this will help.your would be appreciated

posted : May 31, 2007 Post subject: condensation
wherever possible, you should try to remember to put thos elittle silica gel packs inside the housing before closing it up. any temperature differential that then produces condensation inside the housing should then get absorbed by the gel packs. alternatively, try to ensure that when you pack the camera into the housing, it's temperature (and that of the air in the housing) is less than the water temp you'll be diving in. this way condensation will form on the outside of the housing (condensation forms on the warm side) or that the air inside the housing isn't too humid.

having done that, try not to leave the housing where it can warm up too much (sunlight) as then the air inside the housing will be warmer than the water in which you're about to dunk the unit. if this happens, condensation will form on the INSIDE of the housing and on the camera itself (as it will warm more slowly than the air)...hence the need for the silica gel packs.

you should also ensure that there are no water droplets within the housing between opening and re-closing as these will also add to the problems.

posted : May 31, 2007 Post subject: condensation
the above is assuming warm water diving. the trick is to be aware of what temperature things are at (the camera will warm during use anyway) and prep accordingly. best to use the silica gel packs ;-)

posted : August 30, 2007 Post subject: condensation
the absorbant packs are a good idea, also also you need to make shure that when you close your houssing before the dive you doit in a cool dry place, aswell make shure you place your houssing away of sunlight before the dive, maybe you can bring a little bucket of water or a container for your housing so you keep it cool and you avoid drastic changes of temperature when you get in the water to dive. hope this helps!

posted : May 1, 2008 Post subject: condensation
it can be caused by turning your camera on and off too much (if it is one of those on which the lens extends and retracts every time).

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