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posted : March 28, 2007 Post subject: HSE courses other than UK/south africa
Are there any other schools other than UK or SA which will cover HSE parts III, I and II? And does anyone know anything about the quality of teaching in SA compared to british schools?


posted : March 29, 2007 Post subject: HSE courses other than UK/south africa
I dont know about the teaching quality, but HSE tickets are offered in the UK ONLY. If you go to another country you will get the qualification appropriate to that country, ie SA schools issue SA tickets, Canadian Schools give canadian tickets and French schools give french tickets.

I still dont know which is the best ticket though.

posted : April 4, 2007 Post subject: HSE courses other than UK/south africa
Its up to you as to whether you want to spend a huge amount or a much smaller amount on basically the same thing. you want to know which is better well the S.A ticket allows you to work anywhere in the world, even Australia, though you have to convert it to an ADAS ticket which is easy. The S.A course teaches you tools, rigging etc, the beers cheaper and the weathers great. Living is cheap, the water is bloody cold and most of its in low or zero vis. The U.K ticket lets you work anywhere, the courses are good and thats about it, yes there my be people phoning the school looking for divers, but you'll bloody need it with the extra amount you will spend. Check on the HSE diving site for what the HSE acepts and thats all you need to know.

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