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Taylor 07
posted : March 21, 2007 Post subject: FITNESS
Hey there people i met Andrew Dawson-Maddocks at the outdoor show on sunday the 18th of march (Andrew i was the kid going for mine clearence diver who asked a lot of questions after your talk on diving wrecks) anyway i am as stated above going for my quaint in may and would love any advice on the best ways to train like a mine clearence diver so i dont waste my efforts. Andrew you told me about pyramiding but what exercises to use and how long to rest after running 100m. My fitness is good and i just ran my pre join fitness test in under nine minutes but had a bad cold reckon it would be more like eight normally. Cheers for your help.

ADM Diving
posted : July 4, 2007 Post subject: FITNESS
Hi there Taylor,

Soz didn't see the posting so this might be a tad late for you.. Pyramid start off with 10 press ups run then 9 etc down to 1 then do 10 situps run between each set again down to 1, then 10 star jumps down to 1, then 10 burpies down to 1... start then back at the 10 pressups - its a great way to train and get you very very fit for Mil CFT's and the like - if you have access to a track and you can get three or four of you, try relay track running with a 10Kg sandbag - each must do a lap handover carry on running and all keep pace, swap over the bag after a quarter of a lap whilst running, build up to a full lap each before handover - aim try to do a 10Km run with 400m swaps - If you can get access do 3mile runs on a sandy then build up to a shale beech. All of the above assumes you warm up and know your limits - still no pain no gain - this training is definately not what a personal trainer would recommend - however your Mil so enjoy a level of fitness and reward that comes with the above. Any further help let me know - glad you enjoyed the lecture and good luck with it all,

cheers Andrew

Taylor 07
posted : August 15, 2007 Post subject: FITNESS
Thanks Andy just to let you know i passed the selection process and start my time in the navy in 9 weeks so i will get on with the training advice you sent me to prepare me for the course. Is it worth doing weights in your opinion or just stick to body weight exercises.
Thanks again

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