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posted : February 23, 2007 Post subject: Dive Instructor Internships
Hi all, i'm contemplating doing an instructor internship abroad next summer after I finish university. I'm AOW w/ Enriched air. I've looked at a few websites for places in Thailand and Cyprus. Just wondered whether anyone can make any recomendations for good and fairly cheap dive centers that offer such courses. And if anyone has had first hand experience with the course, any information would be very helpful. Also any bad points about qualifying abroad compared with the UK. Many thanks. Simon

posted : February 27, 2007 Post subject: Dive Instructor Internships
If you want to do some really good diving I would avoid Cyprus as the Zen is pretty much the only good dive there and you will see far more in Thailand. If you do decide on Cyprus avoid 'Divingin' with the biggest company at all costs (well known for ripping people off)

posted : March 1, 2007 Post subject: Dive Instructor Internships

Without wanting to dampen your enthusiasm, could I ask why you have decided to become a diving instructor? Have you considered the amount of work necessary to actually get to that place. You will need to complete your Rescue Diver course and then work towards becoming a Divemaster.

Jobs abroad are few and far between for experienced diving instructors let alone someone who is newly qualified. Had you considered teaching in the UK. If so, then actually qualifying abroad would not be considered a good move. Diving in the UK is considerably different from the warmer climes of the tropics.

If you go ahead, then what you will need to do is build up your experience level by diving in different environments. Build up your knowledge and work on your competence in-water.

Which university are you at? Anywhere in the Yorkshire area? I have a couple of instructors who would be pleased to give you some experiential diving.

Good luck.

posted : March 1, 2007 Post subject: Dive Instructor Internships
Hi Pincher, thanks for the reply. I understand these points and thats why I posted this thread! I really enjoy diving and believe that I can effectively teach others the sport, with the right training. I also quite fancy going abroad for a while so I thought about the internships. I'm unfortunatly at The University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield so bit far from Yorkshire, thanks for the offer though. I'm also planning on getting alot of diving done in the UK and i'm off to Malta in the summer :D. I'm willing to put in the work to become an instructor. Cheers for the help. Simon

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