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posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Torwood
I am looking for informations about steamer Torwood built 1894 by craggs & sons ans sunk 1917 as Elorn by UC 65. I am searching especially pictures or plans of Torwood or UC65. Thanks

posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Torwood
ELORN was a French steamer of 603-tons sunk at the mouth of the Somme by UC 65 on 1 March 1917

SM UC 65 was a Type UCII coastal mine-laying boat of the SM UC65-UC73 class, one of nine Yard Nos 281-289 series of boat, built at the Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg for the Imperial German Navy during 1916. She was ordered on 12 January 1916; the keel laid as Yard No.281, she was launched on 8 July 1916 and commissioned with Kplt Otto Steinbrinck as commander on 7 (or 10th) November 1916. The boat had a surface displacement of 427-tons, 508-tons submerged and had dimensions measuring: 50.35m by length overall, a 5.22m-beam, 3.68m-draught and was 7.46m in height. She was one of the double-hulled boats, capable of patrolling in the open ocean. Two 300hp M.A.N. diesel/oil engines powered her two bronze screw propellers, giving her a surface speed of 12-knots. Lead/acid batteries powered her two 310hp electric motors for running submerged and gave her a speed of 7.4-knots. She had an operational endurance range of some 10,420-sea miles at a steady 7-knots and used 48-63-tons of fuel oil. Submerged, she was capable of covering 52-sea miles at a steady 4-knots. The maximum operational diving depth was 50m and it took her 35-seconds to dive. UC 65 had an armament consisting of one stern and two bow torpedo tubes, one 88mm (3.46-inches) deck-gun, six vertically inclined mine-chutes and she carried eighteen UC200 mines, seven 50.04cm (19.7-inch) torpedoes and 133-rounds of ammunition. Her normal complement was three officers and twenty-three crewmen.

Plans for the steamer can be found in Lloyd's archives in the library of most big UK towns

Cheers Ron

posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Torwood

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