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posted : January 15, 2007 Post subject: Research on artificial reefs (shipwrecks etc)
Hey ya,
for my MSc thesis I'm conducting a survey on artificial reefs (ship wrecks etc.). If you have five minutes - help me out. All data will be treated confidentially. Divers under 18 please do not respond. Feel free to answer these questions at your own discretion. For more information email me (!
(simply copy and paste the questions below). Thanks a bunch, Heike

Q1: Dive level
less than 20 dives 20-60 dives over 60 dives over 500 dives
Q2: Dive frequency
once per month
less than once per month
more than once per month

Q3: Main diving interests
natural reefs
professional if so what

Q4: Which reefs do you prefer?

Q5: How often do you repeat a dive at the same site?
once is enough
at least twice
more than twice
depends on:

Q6: What is your favourite dive location in the UK?

Q7: Have you been diving at the HMS Scylla (Cornwall)?
Yes if yes, how often
No if no, have you been diving other artificial reefs?

Q8: What is/was main reason for you to dive on the Scylla/artificial reef?

Q9: What would be an alternative dive if the Scylla were unavailable?
another shipwreck
natural reef

Q10: What purpose do you think artificial reefs serve if they were sunken deliberately?

Q12: What is your age?
under 20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 over 60

Q13: What is your highest level of education?

Q14: Are you a resident or visitor to the UK?

Q15: Additional comments

Philip R
posted : January 16, 2007 Post subject: Research on artificial reefs (shipwrecks etc)
180 dives, more than once a month in summer, teaching and wrecks Dive master, natural - its meant to be there, regularly - interest and whats to see, brighton - City of Waterford or the Pier, Yes x2, not been there before and heard about it, more like that would be fun, helps promote sea life good for recreational diving in a safe environment, 40 to 50, Degree, resident brighton, any more help or info let me know Phil R

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