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No Worries
posted : January 12, 2007 Post subject: Commercial Info
I too am a recreational instructor, miffed about working hard for sh**e pay and am considering the commercial side. What your all saying is probably justified and thats why I guess really I'm trying to find another path in to the industry. I dont want to be that "guy in the water"
What other roles are there to be had that can earn a good wage for a bit of graft.
Prior to teaching scuba I was a "sparky" on the building sites, so I've had to endure my fair share of bull, I just want to try something different and at 30 am I wasting my time training for an industry that I may be to old already to be employed in

barry bubbles
posted : January 14, 2007 Post subject: Commercial Info
Im heading to PDA in Dunoon in the morning to do the combined course. Fortunately ive a job to go to when I get back im 28. Acording to this forum its all bad. Can it really be that bad ?

posted : January 14, 2007 Post subject: Commercial Info
if it is that bad why are all these guys still divers and not working elswhere, are they trying to stop more people entering the work force.

posted : January 21, 2007 Post subject: Commercial Info
Dobby- Yes and no to the trying to stop more divers. There was a short lived abundance of key jobs in the diving industry a year or so ago. Those already in the industry moved into these positions, i.e. moved from air diving to sat diving or supervising. This left a few openings in the air diving world. The schools then pounced on this short lived deficit, turning out an unprecidented number of new divers, some of whom got lucky, most of whom didn't. The market is now swamped with new divers thinking that there is loads of work around and this simply isn't the case anymore. The only shortage we have now, is experience. Newbies are two a penny (sorry to be rude, but this is true). So, in short, if you've got the money to risk wasting, then go for it, but don't believe the dive schools who are still riding on the coattails of a small,brief shortage that happened in the industry a couple of years ago.
Also, to put an answer to 'if it's that bad, why are divers still doing it', believe me if we could find something else, then many of us would-for us who have been diving for lots of years, the skills we have don't translate into anything on land! Its a tricky one!
All the best and good luck if you go for it!

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