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posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: peeing in a drysuit
can anyone help? Short of a surgical proceedure can i buy a pee valve or some sort of aperatus to resolve the problem of extended dive time inconveinence let alone discomfort. dont really fancy wearing a adult nappy of sorts but i've heard of a kind of bag and tube affair using a sort of condom and where can i buy one from?

posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: peeing in a drysuit
hi there
: yeah there are items of that sort for sale i think that othree do a type of condom style thing or try predetor dry suits they might be able to fit you one to your suit even if it isnt there own hope you find somthing
: chris

posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: peeing in a drysuit
O'Three do their famous 'P-Valve' which can be easily fitted to most (any) dry suit... I think there about 50 - 70 quid.


P (sorry if thats a pun)

posted : October 27, 2004 Post subject: peeing in a drysuit
o three do the pee valve and i can recomend it i have been using one for about 2 years

posted : March 16, 2005 Post subject: peeing in a drysuit
you can buy them from DIR direct, as well as the spares for the condom catheters.

posted : March 17, 2005 Post subject: peeing in a drysuit
you asked about peeing in a drysuit the aperatus you speak of is called a cathter (condom) device this may be some of use to you It is a relatively simple device, consisting of a piece of surgical tubing that connects to a medical condom catheter available from companies such as Mentor. The other end of the connector is secured into the suit and allows the diver to relieve himself either by removing a bolt or through a "pee through" screw.
Condom catheter installed on valve
The disadvantage to this early--yet effective--product is that the individual is forced to remove or turn a bolt in order to relieve himself. In most situations this presents no real problem, but may be an issue for cold water divers wearing gloves or mitts. Furthermore, the simple design of this device forces the diver to urinate against the pressure built up in the tubing. To counteract both of these problems, more recent valves use a balance chamber to equalize the pressure within the tube to the pressure in the suit. These devices also typically employ a one-way valve eliminating the need for the diver to manipulate anything. It is still prudent to carry a bolt or other device to plug the port in the highly unlikely event that both the one-way valve and the condom catheter were to fail on the same dive.if you have a drysuit without a pee valve, there is a simple solution. There are several types of disposable undergarments The diver may choose to wear flannel boxer shorts over the nappies to absorb small leaks and protect the drysuit underwear. Leaks are less likely to occur if the diver can urinate slowly, allowing it to be absorbed.

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