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posted : October 15, 2006 Post subject: Looking for Info-
I'm learning to dive and wonder what kit do people start out with?

As getting everything all at the same time is not going to be an option.

What would you call basic kit?
What is best?
What is not?
What do you wish you known when you first started out?

Iíve totally got no idea!


digital Al
posted : October 15, 2006 Post subject: Looking for Info-
are you starting an openwater course or have you done one?best to start with mask, fins, snorkel. if you get thease and dont continue diving you can still snorkel. all the other equipment you should get when you are ready in small bits.if after you do ow course you progress and do more training the equipment will still be supplyed. i got my own regs next then you know where they have been, then lookout for other stuff when you know where your diving is going to take you. good luck Alan

posted : October 20, 2006 Post subject: Looking for Info-
hi there how r u?hows the diving going?dry site,isn't it?like noone replies to messages!

posted : October 21, 2006 Post subject: Looking for Info-

My partner and I are in the same boat satrting out buying our kit - we are fortunate in that we will be buying quite a lot of our kit at the outset so that we know where its been. - we found the best people to ask are the guys at the dive shop they are almost all either completely obsessed with diving themselves or are instriuctors so they have had a good level of experience both from their own diving and from anecdotal feedback on the kit they sell.

we were really really lucky though the guys at Puffin Dive centre near where we are were fantatstic they spent over an hour with us going over what kit was available - not only from them but what was out on the market - and from the answers to their questions they came up with suggestions on what kit they would recommend. I found the guys really honest there was no pushing of the most expensive kit, in fact there was a remarkable level of honesty about what kit would meet our needs and what would be a waste of our money as we wouldn't use the kit's potential for years to come.

I strongly urge you to get down to a dive shop get a hold of one of the guys there (not necessarily literally) and ask for their advice based on what you intend on doing next with your diving.

best of luck andenjoy your diving:)

posted : October 23, 2006 Post subject: Looking for Info-
Have you considered doing your open water course before buying your kit. I went to the red sea last year with explorers did the open water course which included flights, 7 nights accomodation, b+b and the course for £425.
It would be a good way to start and it will give you an idea of what kit to get. Their website is

posted : October 30, 2006 Post subject: Looking for Info-
Thanks for the replies.

I'm about to start on Wednesday with Bsac. I'm so excited! I canít wait. Then there's bonfire night what more could a girl ask for! Donít you love It!

BTW I will be down the dive gear shop driving them daft! Lainey are you talking about the perky puffin dive shop somewhere in mid Wales on the coast who do that coast guide for Milford haven Area as well as Jack and Ramsey sound?


posted : November 4, 2006 Post subject: Looking for Info-
Hi, Glad to here you are going with BSAC, most bsac clubs will have club regs, bc's etc so the first item to buy would be a dry suit, it possible to hire these at some dive sites (eccy delph, caperway etc from twenty pounds also I'm told diver warehouse will hire out dry suites) you don't say if you are with a club or school or what area, have a word with the club members before going to the dive shop they will know where the best prices are and will be able to advise you on type of suit, I hope this is of some help feel free to mail me at. with any other ????? good luck Paul BSAC Advanced Instructor,

posted : November 4, 2006 Post subject: Looking for Info-
Hmmmmm, now just imagine that you have reached the age of 17 and you are getting really excited about having your first driving lesson - yes driving lesson - and I think that we can all remember this! Now let me ask the question, how many of you bought your car at this stage, not many I would hazard a guess? And this is the point, it is far better to have the driving lessons first and then decide what to buy when you have tested the water (excuse the expression). There is so much kit out there ranging from the Mini to the Rolls Royce but remember this, they all do the same so it much depends on the depth of your pocket. The best advice I can give you is, find a good dive centre who puts serving the customer first before making profit and one thats got a good range of equipment for you to try. That way you shouldn't go too far wrong.

But whatever you do, enjoy the diving as it is a wonderful experience.


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