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posted : October 7, 2006 Post subject: Doubt about tanks for wreck penetration

What you thinks is preferable for wreck penetration?:

Twins with 16lt or 18lt and less attached stage tanks or Twins with 12 lt and more attached stage tanks?

Duarte S.

posted : October 20, 2006 Post subject: Doubt about tanks for wreck penetration
with what you'll do your deco man? and then how long and deep are you going to stay there!?? i use twin 10, 300bar... small, enough air but heavy!

posted : October 22, 2006 Post subject: Doubt about tanks for wreck penetration
you are asking the wrong question. your training should tell you the calculations for how deap ,time deco safty ,gases ect then what tanks

posted : November 6, 2006 Post subject: Doubt about tanks for wreck penetration
Hi sorry to say this but if you don't know how to calculate, the amount of gas you need for each stage of your dive then you are not ready for this type of dive, even our ocean divers can do this sort of calculation, bsac instructor

posted : November 19, 2006 Post subject: Doubt about tanks for wreck penetration
The last comment made is totaly true,a lot of divers are doing dives they are not qualified to do. taking bits of info from different people,can lead to problems.Get the training ! you will no what to do.
Air calculations and bail out systems, also contingency plans must be in place for this type of diving.

ADM Diving
posted : June 4, 2007 Post subject: Doubt about tanks for wreck penetration
As what has already in part been said the questions are not should i go for bigger twinset, smaller stages or bigger stages smaller twinset...

The key to gas management is having enough for the dive, having reserve equal to returning from the worst possible point in the dive either as a team (each carrying 33% or 50% spare) or you have 100% spare to get you home safe.

It then boils down to a raft of other issues Andy and others have started to highlight as to you need to then understand depth and duration issues with the dive plans -> hence what deco needs will there be? how will this deco be done and where (lazy shot, tapeeze or D/SMB), and the list goes on.

I see too much of people wanting fast track technical training, missing out training steps so they can get into Trimix O/CCT or TRIMIX CCR without slowly developing themselves through the various steps/stages in training to lead up to this very significant step.. I have posted many replies on the Technical Q&A for reference on this subject.

Training at this level is key, likewise for wreck penetration - it is afterall an overhead environment - many look inviting, easy and yet they still kill far too many...

I am glad Duarte S, that you have asked a good question though.. as it is a sensible one to be taken along side all of the above.. I favour big twinsets giving gas for at least 200% of what is planned for bottom time up to 90m, for dives upto 125m (open circuit is not the best option but is here for completeness), I favour a twinset for 150% of bottom time and have a slung 18L for additional travel trimix gas that can be sent to the surface if planned to get rid (using a bottled D/SMB). Then 15L or 12L stages for gas above 90m and 12L and 10L stages for dives below 90m - it's all about how much deco you are going to get into and when/why/how.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE clip your stages off onto a wreck and go exploring - even if you attached your reel to them. If the hole is too small to fit you and stages - you shouldn't be in that hole !!! In a cave this is different and often acceptable practice to derig as you only have one route out - they way in !!!

Post me Q's on the Technical Q&A forum if you want to know more... cheers Andrew

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