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posted : October 8, 2006 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages

In the stages with high percentage of oxygen (for instance – 80% O2) you use specific regulators (the green ones with O2 clean) or the “normal” regulators can do the job?

By “normal” regulators I mean good regulators with the usually announce that support 40% O2 …

Duarte S

posted : October 12, 2006 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages
Hi if you are using high persentage of 02 you would be advised to use regs O2 cleaned if you had seen what happens when O2 and oil (or any other hydrocarbon) come to gether under pressure you would neveruse none cleaned equipment again. it goes with a very large bang minus one reg and possiblely your eardrums, no joke I'v seen some one have his ear drum burst in this way, very painful and not a prity sight

posted : October 19, 2006 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages

Instructor Trainer
posted : October 28, 2006 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages
I’m completely agree with Paul

posted : September 30, 2008 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages
Oxygen clean regulators are a must above 40% - the risk of oxygen fires increases exponentially - there is about an 80% chance of oxygen fire if you put Nitrox 80 through a non-o2 clean system.

If you buy just about any set of regulators you can have them cleaned for upto 100% o2, however there are other considerations such as the valves inside the 1st stage (some designs are better than others)

as an aside - why are you using 80% oxygen? if this is for deco you are using a bad gas - if your CNS counter is letting you use 80%, you should get onto 100% o2 for more effective decompression. Remember the point of decompression - to remove inert gas - if you a breathing a deco gas that has inert gas in it - you are making the process twice as difficult!

Gary Bowden
posted : March 18, 2009 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages
Most quality regs can be O2 cleaned.Go to a reputable service agent or contact the manufacture for advice. Many brands will not allow higher O2 percentages than 21% or 40%. Warranty and liability will be affected so check first.There are regs which come O2 clean & O2 service straight from the box. You do not say if you want to dive on a high O2 % or use high O2% for deco only. This will affect your choice of reg ie breathing performance & number of ports. All this is covered on a nitrox or trimix course. Just a quick note, I have seen O2 fires happen when all the equipment has been O2 cleaned but adiabatic compression has occurred. I fully recommend going on a gas blending course just to find out more on the reaction of oxygen with metals & other equipment even if you do not blend your own gas. I hope this helps. Gary

posted : January 23, 2010 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages
most recreational dive regulators are safe to use upto a 40% mix other than that you need them 02 cleaned using the right o rings and lubricants as stated in the encyclopedia od recreational diving available from all dive shop and most good book stores oh and padi of course

posted : April 24, 2010 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages

HP enriched air plus heat (from compression) plus hydrocarbons are a bad idea, hence why the kerfuffle over regs.

In reality, if using leaner than 40%, it is unlikely, but not beyond the realm of possibility that you will experience problems.

However, a proper O2 compatible reg will be designed to work with the different viscosity of the gas, will have all internal seals made of an O2 compatible material and will use lubricants that are O2 friendly. Moreover, it will be cleaned thoroughly to remove any trace of contaminants.

An average off the shelf r

posted : April 24, 2010 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages
sorry, baby helping...

an average recreational reg can usually be serviced, cleaned and some of it's internals changed to make it compatible for up to 40%, but there may be fundamental parts / design features which cause problems with going richer.

Expensive rich mix specific regs come with these design features built in and already use O2 compatible O rings etc...

Either way up, never use an unknown reg on a rich mix and never let your rich mix regs be used on low-quality air cylinders eg club's pool cylinders, fillied in someone's garage without good filtration.

It's a long shot, but if your regs are contaminated and you turn on your 100% O2 mix quickly... it could be very interesting!

posted : October 9, 2010 Post subject: Doubts about regulators for stages
someone please explain how the local MOT/garage uses high pressure o2 (oxyacetalene burner) on a regular basis in a very greasy enviorenment and there regs are rarely serviced or cleaned without incident???

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