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posted : September 18, 2006 Post subject: Twin Set back pack????
Hi there guys, I was wandering if you can help me out, which I'm sure you all can :o) I recently was given as a gift a twin set (twin 7's) with all the regs etc...... I'm going to sound a real burk now but what the hell if ya dont ask ya dont get, How the hell do these twin sets fit onto a BCD??? Do you buy a special plate etc??? Do I have to buy a new BCD which implemets a twin set?? I have been diving for many years with my faithful Mares Vector 1000 and 12ltre and 3ltr pony and have been very happy with this, I have rarely seen anyone diving with twin sets and when I did I never took any notice of there set up. I have been told that I can get longer bolts (x2) from the twinning bands on the twin set and slot them through my BCD tank holder (the holes do match up with my BCD and twin set bands I checked) then saw the excess of the bolts off on the inside of my bcd???? this seems a little crazy to me as my bcd is then permanently fixed to the twin set??? theres gotta be an easier way..... I'm not much fussed about using tin sets but as I was given these I'd like to try them out :o) Your help in this matter guys is much appreciated....... By the way I have another 7 litre twin set (I brought a while back when I thought about using twins) with an older manifold/tanks which I no longer rquire if anyone is interested in them (I took them for test about 4 months ago ish and they passed fine) but was reliably informed by the guys in the shop I couldnt update the manifold on these??? but they would make excellent side tanks for techies........ this is all getting to confusing for me!!!!! .........were's my 12ltre and pony :o)

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