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posted : September 17, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
Both my partner and I completed our open water course while on holiday in August on Rhodes.

Since we came back we have been looking for another holiday that will let us get some dives under our belt.

We also want to do our AOW as soon as poss.

We are hoping that some of you guys will be able to advise on the following:

Are we best putting in some dives before looking to go to advanced open water or should we go to open water to continue our education and then put in some dives. we are both Keen to expand our depth limits set on the open water course and both want to complete specialisations in deep and wreck diving.

Can you do these course while on liveaboards or do you have to do these from a shore base?

does anyone have any recommendations for dive centres or colleges to do these courses with in the red sea?

We are really drawn to the Idea of a liveaboard but are very concerned that a lot of the dives set out on the itineraries are way outside our ability - what is the score is there really any point going near a liveaboard without having 30+ dives logged and your aow ?

any response gratefully appreciated we keep looking at brochures websites forums and the amount of info there is great but its aimed at people who already have a good level of experience. W e need some basic info about where we can dive using our current card and where we can develop our skills safely so we can take advantage of some of the "bigger and better" trips that are out there.

posted : September 18, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
hiya congrats to passing your open water. In answer to your question ive just got back from Eypgt sharm el sheikh we had lots of fun doing this and we didnt have much dives under our belt when we completed our AOW. AOW you can do and gain lots of experience..... you have to do a deep dive which will take you down to a max of 30 m with and instrutor, anoher one you have to do is navigation this two you have no choice when doing AOW. I did with mine a wreck dive and fish dives which go with part of competing the aow. By the time you finish aow you will have alot of dives in your dive log and lots of dive time too. We are now looking at doing our dry suit specilise and then rescue dive when we go abroad again next year.
With regards to live aboards i know it can become very tiring and could take the fun out of diving.... maybe someone esle could advise you on that question. Why let it spoil the fun and dont stop there. This is what diving is all about learning and getting more knowledge to better things.
We are looking at aslo diving in the uk..... not just the fun and warmth of warner waters as nice as it seems.
I hope this has been of some help we aslo have the bug of diving and learning. Why not try dives wit the seals in the uk and build and gain your confidence.

Best Regards nicola

posted : September 19, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?

Thank you very much for the response and the feedback on Egypt - we are definately going to go and do our AOW we just haven't decided where and how yet :(

Glad to here you enjoyed your time in Egypt and got your AOW who did you do the course with?

posted : September 20, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
Yeah definately do your AOW, this gives you more experience and Dive Time, Navigation and Wreck Diving are compulsory Subjects, you then choose an additional 2 Subjects to qualify, the 2 further subjects you choose will depend where you goto.
AOW is recommended for anyone with any experience above open water qualification, but be warned, you'll just want to keep on going !
Egypt is where we done ours (Sharm El Sheikh) with Red Empror.

posted : September 24, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
Compulsory dives for AOW are Deep and Navigation. Then three elective dives such as wreck etc.
The good thing about the AOW is the fact that you feel more confident to do things such as dive around the 20m 25m mark and if the vis is lower at least you'll have some nav skills.

If you want to go to sharm and get a cheap deal you could always take advantage of the late deals on explorers website.

Only thing that kept getting drummed in my ear was that you are qualified to dive in conditions the same or better than those which you trained in. Therefore diving in this country means you need to have some form of orientation before diving.

Whatever you do though you will find that the diving community is probably one of the nicest to become part of. enjoy yourselves.

posted : September 25, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
If you are looking to meet up with other divers and share your diving experiences and pictures have a look at - it is basically like myspace with shorts on - you can meet other divers and post your pics - brilliant!

posted : September 25, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
dcdc / ferret thanks for the replies -

We are waiting feedback from an operator about a two week break in Egypt early next year to do our AOW and then in week 2 do a liveaboard.

I am really keen to hear what people have to sy about liveaboards - are they good value for people with limited experience? I spoke with an advisor and they said thatthere is no reason not to go on a northern intinerary although I did note that the Thistlegorm is on that list and it sits in 30m of water and can be caught in some challenging currents not sureif thats something I'mready to encounter just yet!

Any advice form anyone who took a liveaboard with limited dive experience would be appreciated.

I would imagine after doing the aow and thre or four boat dives in week one we will be more confident and in a better mindset to take on a live aboard

posted : September 26, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
Well done on gettting your OW. If you thinking of diving in in the uk i would recommend you get some dives logged before you take the AOW course. Rhodes know doubt was lovely and clear, however uk diving is not so perfect. When you passed you are passed to dive upto the conditions you trained in and to go deeper in conditions worse than you have trained could cause you problems. Go at your own pace that way you will get the most out get out of diving and not be put off by a bad experience. As for live aboards you will not be pressured to do all the dives and there should be plenty of dives for OW certification. Sorry if seems a negative response but take your time and you will enjoy it more, happy & safe diving. Simon

posted : September 29, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
I would reccomend that you look at I did my OW course with them in Sharm last year and have been back 3 times since. I will be doing my AOW with them in November. Found them really professional. They usually have some really good offers on if you can go at short notice.
posted : September 30, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
hi,congrates on passing ur OW,if u dont mind i will give u my experaince,join a local bsac club there are alot about and u will have plenty of training. thats what i did before i went to cancoon(mexico) and did my OW and part of my AOW in under a week!!!with plenty of pleasure diving.i then continued with my bsac trainingin the uk and completed AOW in bulgariain 1 day which left plenty of time for pleasure dives.good luck with ur diving and if i can help just let me know,regards mark

posted : October 9, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?
hi well done both of you.I've been to sharm 4 times and dived with ocean college.they were great.on the boats were a mix of divers so if you don't have much experience talk to all the other guys and girls on the boat as a lot of the experience people on there are there for pleasure as well and will be happy to pass on there experiences.also go diving in the uk look up a local dive school or club and they can advise you on the diving in the area.and enjoy it

posted : October 9, 2006 Post subject: new diver - advice please?

Thanks for the replies really appreciate it. we are going to sharm now it has been decided one week on shore doing our aow with red sea college (any feedback on them appreciated although hear they are pretty good)

then a week on a live aboard.

Will look into uk diving when we come back from egypt in may InsaneRon, we have three local dive centres We actually live near the sound of mull so we have a lot of local diveing just unfortunate a lot of it is very tidal and not for the inexperienced diver.

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