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posted : September 16, 2006 Post subject: Breathing Techniques
Just got back into uk diving after short break.
At start of dive i seem to feel out of breath and breathing heavy, it soon disappears but would like any advice on how to get this under control.
I'm in good health and reasonably fit at 43.
Many thanks

posted : September 17, 2006 Post subject: Breathing Techniques
Yeah dont hold your breath under water! he he, seriously there's a medical section in this forum that will be able to answer your question, i've had something very similiar, it was down to my fitness levels and over doing it on my 1st few dives. I felt i was worn out b4 i even started!

posted : September 19, 2006 Post subject: Breathing Techniques
Vaughan, the first 5 minutes of the dive is critical to air consumption as this is the settling in period and is when most air is used - excitement, adrenalin and all that stuff. Some useful tips are, always sit down until the last minute and practice deep breathing (breath in deeply slowly). This will calm you down. When you jump in the water, totally relax and keep practicing the breathing bit of deeply slowly. And then just before you descend, take three deep breaths and then just relax and enjoy.


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