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posted : August 25, 2006 Post subject: new boy
hey guys. have jst spent the past few hrs reading all the comments on becoming a commercial diver and becoming a millioaire!!! not going to happen eh.
yes, im afraid to say i am a recreational dive instructor looking to get into commercial diving as way of a career and to get some decent money behind me.
i realise the training centres will hype things up for their benifit but is it really that bad that you will spend 10 grand and not see ny kind of return in terms of decent money.
also, if i was to take the plunge, what is the best area for a new boy to get into once granduated. all advise will be appriciated and considered. cheers guys

posted : August 26, 2006 Post subject: new boy
hi i am also wanting to become a commerciel diver and i was wondering if i can get work with just the professional scuba qualification or do i need to do the surface supplied qualifications. i am also trying to decide between the uwc at fort william or the profesional diving acadmy in dunoon. i was also wondering how hard it is to find work after i qualify as im going to have to take out a loan in order to do course. im not looking to earn mega money or work in the north sea i just love diving and would like to do it for a living any help or advice would be appriciated.

posted : November 5, 2006 Post subject: new boy
Best of the bad bunch as far as diving is concered is become an instructor. The work is easier than commercial the pay is about as crap, but at least you can go somewhere nice to do it.

Just remeber experience counts in both fields, so you will be up agaist long established divers for the best jobs.

In my honest opinion; find another career that won't sap all your money to qualify then take you the rest of your life to pay off.



posted : November 29, 2006 Post subject: new boy
is 4000 to train as a diving instructor with all equipment,test fees and accomadation in thailand for 6 months resonable

posted : December 21, 2006 Post subject: new boy
Trickiest bit is blagging your way into a job. I started out as a Dive Support Technician for a couple of years then went to Bovisand (god rest it's soul!)to get my HSE Pt1. Got work straight away but some jobs were tech only, loads of civils in between but its the North Sea where the money is. If you are handy with spanners or electrical work then you have a better chance of getting on jobs. Just remember that commercial diving is only glamorous when you are in a pub!

No Worries
posted : January 9, 2007 Post subject: new boy
I too am a recreational instructor, miffed about working hard for shite pay and am considering the commercial side. What your all saying is probably justified and thats why I guess really I'm trying to find another path in to the industry. I dont want to be that "guy in the water"
What other roles are there to be had that can earn a good wage for a bit of graft.
Prior to teaching scuba I was a "sparky" on the building sites, so I've had to endure my fair share of bull, I jsut want to try something different

posted : January 24, 2007 Post subject: new boy
How about the long way round then? Try and get in as a Dive Technician. You may need to finance your own survival ticket but you would have to as a diver anyway. At least you then have a chance to see what commercial diving is all about for yourself. You may choose to stay as a tech!

posted : February 9, 2007 Post subject: new boy
Are the prospects good for techs? I was thinking of going for ALST - do they get the pay the centres say they will?

posted : February 21, 2007 Post subject: new boy
It really depends on whether you can get on the books with a diving firm. If you can then the prospects are good as the work is guaranteed, if you are self employed then the chances are as good as you are as a tech.

posted : February 21, 2007 Post subject: new boy
Hey why dont you have a word with The Underwater Centre at Fort william you can get there contact details here: The Underwater Centre ask for Steve or Aelish they are very good and will definately help. Cheers Dan

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