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posted : August 24, 2006 Post subject: advice please
hi looking for advice i am just looking at starting diving looking for advice about this from some one. im a big guy 24 stone. but in good health i want to know if that my weight will stop me doing diving. i not sure of any weight limits please can some one advise a new person.

posted : August 25, 2006 Post subject: advice please
Madders, size doesn't matter but medicals do. If you are going to book a course with a PADI centre then you will have to complete a medical form. If you answer yes to any question then you will need a medical, but be honest with your answers as it is better to be safe then sorry. If you have any doubts yourself then the same rule applies - pay a visit to your GP. Diving is a fantastic sport - enjoy.

posted : August 28, 2006 Post subject: advice please
many thanks for your reply will be booking my trial dive with the company soon will book to see the doctor just to make sure .

posted : September 11, 2006 Post subject: advice please
Hi Madders,

Please heed Richard's good advice. You need to be fairly fit to dive, and being big doesn't necessarily mean that you are not. I am also bulky but bear in mind that your kit will weigh around 5 stones and sometimes you will need to lug it some distance.
Try to find a diving doctor. He will have more knowledge and almost certainly this will allow him to give you the best advice.
Good luck and have fun under the water.


posted : September 17, 2006 Post subject: advice please
I must admit some doctors dont have a clue when it comes to diving, from what i understood the bigger you are the more buyoant you are therefore the more weights you need to keep you under the water, which means more effort and air, its not a huge problem but it'll sure get you in shape !

posted : September 18, 2006 Post subject: advice please

Like you I am a big guy. I weigh in at just under 20 stone but I am relatively fit!! Diving is open to anyone but as the others have rightfully said, it's important you are truthfull on your medical form and yourself. Diving should not be a strenous sport, it should be fun and somewhat relaxing (Apart from the adrenalin rush that is!!). Being out of breath in the water does not make it a pleasant one and can endanger both you and your buddy. Consider doing some cardio fitness and if you are anything like me,reduce the booze and kebab intake a little. If you want to take up diving then these things should help. I am now scuba diver certified and working towards my Advanced Open Water Certificate. Anythings possible!!

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