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posted : August 4, 2006 Post subject: Sub - Sec
Anyone have a contact number for Sub-sec BCD's ?
We've just brought a BCD and we're not happy with the quality of it, the retailer is not helping.

We're fighting that we've been sold faulty merchandise, and think if we could contact sub-sec they may offer an upgrade or of similiar

posted : August 7, 2006 Post subject: Sub - Sec

Do you mean Seac Sub? If so they are distributed in the UK by Beaver - 01484 512354


posted : August 11, 2006 Post subject: Sub - Sec
Hi name the dealer so we can avoid them

posted : September 20, 2006 Post subject: Sub - Sec
Yeah "Seac Sub".. lol, i'm terribel with names, thanx for that number, and if it wasn't for giving me the telephone number we was about to get "ripped off"
The Shop "Go-Dive" which is based in Derby told the manufacturers that it was our fault and the faulty Brace which broken when we was diving was fully chargable, we contacted Seac Sec and they didnt know the full story, Go dive specifically told Seac Sec that they was going to charge us the full amout possible.
The manufacturer has now issued that the Part to be changed under warranty, so all i can say is poor customer service for Go-Dive, and thanx to Seac Sec for acting on our behalf!
Just goes to show you that there's still some poor Retailers out there!

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