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posted : July 30, 2006 Post subject: Learning with full face mask
My partner and i have just returned from cuba where we had a short dive to see if we would like it. I am hooked :) however my partner was not comfortable using the respirator & mask (i am assuming they were standard ones but im afraid i dont know) that we were given to use and having searched about on the internet has found full face masks which he thinks he would be happier with. does anyone know of a beginners course he could go on that would teach him to dive using such a mask (he is happy to buy the mask if he can find someone that will teach him) as from what i can tell about PADI courses they are using the equipment we were given to use on holiday. We live in surrey but can travel if we can find a suitable course
many thanks in hope !

posted : August 4, 2006 Post subject: Learning with full face mask
Just to say we'll done for giving it a try !
however, from experience i would suggest you try the PADI course somewhere local, some places offer try dives..

If its the mask/snorkel thats the problem then goto a shop/retailer that can recommend a proper fit thats comfortable, i'm sure any qualified divers will tell you a mask is the the first piece of equipment you'll ever buy.
For the rest of the gear i'd wait till you've done a few confined water dives and see whats comfortable.
But as as far as buying a mask off the internet i'd be temepted to say no, as you need to try before you buy..
Good luck and keep us updated

posted : September 3, 2006 Post subject: Learning with full face mask
Hi I will think you will find that no agency will do a Openwater course using a Full Face mask, you have to learn the basic skills with a normal mask. How ever you can dive using a full face mask once you have your ticket.
Most agencies do full face mask courses, part of the full face course is removing the full face and putting a normal one on.
Best of luck

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