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posted : July 28, 2006 Post subject: Diving Physic's
Hey all i'd thought i'd show some ways of solving two gas law equations. Thes are Boyle's and Charlies law.

Boyles law
Determine the volume (V2) of a 24ft cubed open bottom diving bell at 66fsw.
V1=24ft cubed

V2=P1V1/ P2
1ata x 24ft cubed / 3ata
V2=8ft cubed

Charlies law
A diver has a cylinder filled to P1=200bar at 20 degres celcius (T1=293k). He leaves the cylinder in the car,which is placed in the sun. In the car the temp rises to 70 degres cels (T2=243k). We assume the volume V of the cylinder remains the same since:
P1V / T1=P2V / T2

The new pressure P2 in the cylinder will be:

P2= P1VT2/T1V=200 x 343 /293=234 bar.

Well i hope this helps. Make sure you practce them alot.

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