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posted : July 28, 2006 Post subject: Great Whites off Cornwall?
According to the BBC:

"Experts have clashed over the existence of Great White Sharks off the UK coast.
Speculation is mounting amid a series of claimed sightings by holidaymakers and fishermen and a new documentary on BBC One on Sunday."

Strikes me that fishermen and tourists are probably two of the most unreliable sorts of witnesses out there - the former because of the "you should have seen it" factor, the latter because they rarely see the sea at all.

So, any divers seen any large predators then? Someone at my dive club said they saw Orcas off the Isle of Man last week.

posted : August 7, 2006 Post subject: Great Whites off Cornwall?
Deal with the global climate changing and expect that we are dealing with visitors who are usually spotted in other waters.

Tourists and fishermen like to tell tales - simple fact. Dont be surprised that there are whites out there - at the same time, dont be dis-heartened. Whites are magnificent creatures and are worth seeing!!!

posted : August 8, 2006 Post subject: Great Whites off Cornwall?
I reckon we should organise a dive!!!!!!!!!

posted : February 8, 2007 Post subject: Great Whites off Cornwall?
i know there were encounters on the south coast near mevagissey go to, these guys got to snorkel with them!! hope to see them in 07!

posted : February 14, 2007 Post subject: Great Whites off Cornwall?
Although great photos and an amazing eperience for the guys snorkelling those were not Whites, its a coomon fish to our waters, the basking shark.Still great phots though!

posted : February 14, 2007 Post subject: Great Whites off Cornwall?
The great white is a temperate water fish and is generally known to dwell in temperatures ranging from 12-30 degrees C, but many have been found from 4 degrees up! Its been recorded and observed mainly as a coastal fish but considered an open ocean dweller where it has been recorded at 1300m!!! there is 2 types of fish, the nomadic (venturing all over) and resident ( comes back ) they migrate on average 4000Ks although one was recorded to do a massive 20 000 Ks in a year!!!!!!! As you casn see by this we dont know much about this great fish but one thing is for sure, they do inhabit the Northern coasts of France, Spain And Portugal, Fact!! so put all of the above in to perspective and it we can say its very very reasonable to have them in our waters, I like many think this would be Amazing to have them in our waters!!!! There is a bit of footage from some Kayakers up on the West coast of Scotland who managed to get a fin surafcing for quite some time, although the footasge isnt great experts say it may well be a great white, As we know Scotlands a chilly place!!!! Lets hope we get more!!

posted : April 27, 2008 Post subject: Great Whites off Cornwall?
I realise that this topic started nearly 2 years ago but i'll put in a reply anyway.
I also think it would be great that if we did have these beautiful animals just of our coast.
I'm no expert by any means and I don't know much about these animals, but it wouldn't come as a huge shock for sightings to be reported of the west coast of scotland, yes it is a chilly place, but having said that, the gulf stream does go that far up so the waters are rather warm in the summer

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