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posted : July 10, 2006 Post subject: Three CCR Depth records on stock units
Hi all,

In the past few months, I was glad to be part of a team of experienced rebreather divers who explored the Sra Keow cave in Krabi, Thailand:

- I personaly pushed the limits of the Cave to 201 m/ 663ft using a standard ISC Megalodon Closed-Circuit rebreather with an axial scrubber and no major modification. This dive is supposed to be the deepest dive ever done with a Megalodon, and also the deepest cave dive/rebreather dive ever done in Asia.

- Mike Gadd, from Singapore, reached a depth of 191m / 626ft with a Delta-P Ouroboros CCR with no modification. Here again, it's supposed to be the deepest dive ever done with this unit.

- During a previous expedition, Bruce Konefe used an AP Diving Evolution CCR to explore the same cave at 120m / 393ft, quite a challenge with a very small scrubber.

I just finished a full trip report (finally!). It's now available on (Cave Expeditions page).

The same team will be in the Philippines Islands in July to uncover the mysteries of the sunken WWII japanese battleships Yamashiro and Fuso at 200m / 660ft.



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