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Chris W
posted : June 3, 2006 Post subject: Some Advice
Hi all,

My first post so please be gentle.

I've just completed my PADI Open water referral course a couple of days ago - I'm going to cyprus on holiday to complete the four open water dives in a couple of weeks and probably a couple more after I have qualified.

As a beginner is it worth getting a computer at this stage or sticking with the tables?

posted : June 4, 2006 Post subject: Some Advice
Good question - something I'd be interested to see other people's input on as well.

From my side, I have a computer now but didn't have one until well after I'd completed my AOW course. It's not necessarily something you 'need' but it's quite a handy thing to have for a number of reasons.

One is the obvious safety advantage of having something clearly telling you how much time you have remaining at the depth you're at.

Another is the ascent metre telling you if you're ascending too quickly.

Another is the safety stop, having all the info right there in front of your eyes makes it easier to maintain a decent safety stop.

And all your dive information is stored on there for easy logging of dives later on in the bar!

You can see I'm leaning towards a yes answer here :-)

The only downside is that it's another thing to get used to while you're still a very new diver - if you've been taught to use your guages and tables it might be easier to complete the qualifying dives without having to get used to using a computer at the same time.

If it was me, I'd go ahead and get the computer but use it after the qualifying dives had finished so I'm concentrating on the job at hand.

Enjoy Cyprus!

Chris W
posted : June 4, 2006 Post subject: Some Advice
Thanks Shane!!!

That's realy useful advice.

I might just hold off until after Cyprus until I get one. I've got a perfectly good watch I can use with the tables.

On the other hand you're right - there is the safety aspect.....

posted : June 5, 2006 Post subject: Some Advice
You know what - I say do Cyprus without the computer.

That way you get to complete your course and do some dives using tables and good old-fashioned guages. Then you can appreciate the computer when you get it and in case you ever forget it, have problems with it or just run out of battery power, you won't be so phased about not having it available...

All safety angles covered.

Oh and if you go on to do your AOW course while you're in Cyprus and you go to the Zenobia - enjoy it it's a great dive :-)

Chris W
posted : June 5, 2006 Post subject: Some Advice
I really want to do the Zenobia - I've seen the pictures and they look really impressive

If I don't do it this year - I'll do it next.

posted : June 10, 2006 Post subject: Some Advice
Hi Chris,
I agree with Shane. Personally, I would stick with tables AND a computer as an added backup. I would however recommend keeping it simple with a computer, something like an Alladin is fine. Don't over complicate things!

Enjoy Cyprus!!


Chris W
posted : June 12, 2006 Post subject: Some Advice
Thanks Guys!!

I've now got an Aladin Prime and I'm all set for Cyprus.

I'll let you know how I get on!!


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