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posted : May 18, 2006 Post subject: Unsure!!!
Hi,I have read all the comments below which make me very unsure about embarking on this journey, but I am still gunna do this as its been a life long ambition and the only way to find out if all this is true is to go and do it myself, so could anyone out there please give me some positive feedback.

Could anyone tell me, that it would or won't be a waste to do welding&burning and NDT as part of package at Fort William(to an extra price obviously)as I've got no previous experiance , and will I use its in the first couple of years doing civils.

I understand that I have to do first aid,scuba, surface supply and top-up, but do I need the extras to get myself a job, any advise would be helpfull thank you.

posted : May 22, 2006 Post subject: Unsure!!!
Forget the extras for now, you can have every qualification under the sun but without experience it means nothing. Stick to the basics because that is all you will get for the first year or two, some of the guys I work with have just done there NDT and thats after 6 or more years in the job and they still get very little work doing it. As for wet welding well thats just a massive rip off, if you do eventually get into it, do the course then rather than now when people will just laugh at you if start looking for that work!
Just keep it simple, nuts and bolts diving and you will get work in civils and shipping.

posted : August 25, 2006 Post subject: Unsure!!!
hey dude. im in the same situation as you. im a recreational dive instructor in caribbean but want to make move into commercial diving. prob going to go to fort william and do the standard career course but looking to prem package. im oly looking to start in march 07 due to work commitments. if you do have any advise after you start, do me a favour and e mail me at and let me how us new boys get on. cheers

posted : November 5, 2006 Post subject: Unsure!!!
Commercial is hard and crappy work, civils doesn't pay well and you will have to travel all over for even a couple of days work. The work is generally unpleasant and the rewards are zero, not even job satisfaction really.

NDT and wet welding are not necessary for starters, just do the tools, the less you spend now the less regret you will have when you realise what a mistake you have made.

Once you have got yourself established with a company you might start to see regular work, but don't think it is going to be easy money.

If I had my time again I would have spent my hard earned on training for something in IT, then spent the decent money I was earning on diving holidays.

After commercial I became a Padi IDC Staff instructor, what a mistake that was. 22 years of regular diving 100/150 recreational/technical dives a year then four years of SSDD has put me off diving completely.

I got out of the diving business because there just isn't enough money in it to make all the effort worthwhile, and unless you are working the Caribbean or somewhere like that it's not even a good lifestyle job.

All the training centres are interested in is your money; think long and very hard before embarking on a very expensive folly.


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