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posted : April 25, 2006 Post subject: Are you a dive expert?
HI folks,

I am part of a new adventure sports web site -

We are looking into featuring diving on the siteand are looking for experts to become part of the team. Take a look at the 'experts' section of the site and you will see the caliber of people we're after.

If you know anyone looking who'd fit the bill please pass it on to them. Thanks.

posted : May 5, 2006 Post subject: Are you a dive expert?
We divers are a funny lot, quite prepared to go into depth(no pun intended) about our greta dives and encounters etc amongst our fellow divers, but modesty seems to keep most ego's in check, it's not a sport that encourages gung ho "super divers" etc, there are obviousley some excellent divers out there, some are far better than ohters, but to go public and call yourself an expert does little more than set you up for a good old roasting from your mates as soon as they see you do it, trust me, the pain of being ribed for months evertime you get on a boat would be too much to bare for most, so i doubt if very many peolpe will proclaim there excellence (allthough im sure most divers secretly believe they are James Bond incarnate)..I hope you find some one, i suggest lookking at magazine articles etc and see whos writting best suits you.

posted : May 9, 2006 Post subject: Are you a dive expert?
I took the time to look at this site and "Experts" come from areas such as Instructors, Competitors & Seriously Tuned in Dudes (I presume this is people known & respected in the sport but could be wrong) which to me covers what MOST people would consider an EXPERT. There are many people in the sport who have been diving for many years and have gone through many experiences who I am sure would not be so vain as to worry about what childish people on a boat may say to them if they pass on such knowledge to others in the form of an EXPERT!!! I love diving but am amazed by this type of laddish football terace stupidity that seems akin to men in most sports. Diving is about safely enjoying a world that most cannot or dare not explore and we are privileged to have the skills and determination to use them because I have met many who can't. IMO if you have what it takes, sign up to ochosports and if they pay you so much the better and to hell with the school yard ribbers that mean nothing in REAL life!!!

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