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posted : April 24, 2006 Post subject: SMB
Need some advice on getting a dsmb, should i get a self sealing one or does it not matter. I have got a reel with a delayed assembly on it but the smb is not sealed, although I have not used it yet does the air escape when it reaches the surface meaning you have to keep it taught at all times.

posted : April 25, 2006 Post subject: SMB
Hi yes it does matter sealf sealing is the best. it can be hard work keeping it taught at all times if not it will deflate. and be useless, onnce deflated it will sink or be pulled under, there are some realy bad dsmbs on the market be carefull, the best are of a good volume (if used correctlly will not pull you up) sealf sealing (will not deflate at the surface) dump valve at the bottom (will not over inflate) of the many I have used the AP Valves Buddy is the best all the feature above and strong construction, you can allso buy them with mini cylinder (reuseable not CO2) hope tis is of some help Paul.

posted : April 27, 2006 Post subject: SMB
Hey...Westy, I used one of the long tubes from an old lilo for years with a couple of eyelets punched in the bottom and it worked perfect. On every dive it got inflated at 6m and stayed inflated as long as you kept the line under a little tension, don't waste money, unless you have got lots to spend on fancy items.

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