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posted : April 20, 2006 Post subject: Money or smiles
Hi all
Went to capernwray on Sunday and remembered as soon as i saw the miserable staff there why i havnt bothered diving there in a long while. What is it with these people who make large amounts of money , can they not raise a smile for the customers who queue up at weekend to pay their ten pound entry fee, i am sure i would raise a smile to the people who had contributed to the big house on the hill , which was at the time having an expensive fire place fitted by some Americans while i was diving. Ah well it will be another while before i check out the Capernwray misery gang again as there are plenty of other places to dive and if i have to pay they will even smile when they take my money

posted : April 20, 2006 Post subject: Money or smiles
Hi h you been to the delph in the last weeks water level is up and there are fresh water sponges growing the viz is inproving and you can get a proper cup of tea (not out of a flask) and the home made soup is the best

posted : April 21, 2006 Post subject: Money or smiles
Certainly have mate i only live 5 mins away went two weeks ago and water level was so low you wasnt allowed to stride in off jetty as it was too dangerous. also vis was down to around a metre . i heard this week though big john was placing something in water to attract the algea. shame about vis cause Barry, John and Linda make a great team and are always cheerful and helpful

just finning
posted : April 23, 2006 Post subject: Money or smiles
Every been up to 8 Acre lake in north cave near Hull.

Makes a change to stoney and capernwray.
Lots to explore and freindly staff good facilities.
There sponsoring a local event too at The Deep, a scuba networking event. just bought a few tickets should be a good night. if anyones interested.
So yeah try out 8 acre for a change!!


posted : April 24, 2006 Post subject: Money or smiles
Yes mate ,have also been to 8 acre , like you say staff ( dave & michele if i remember correctly) very friendly . Do you still get a free brew shoved in your hand as soon as you have took your keys out of the ignition. Its about 6 months since i was there good day out but vis was a little under par and office was a caravan and toilets was a TARDIS or TURDIS depending on who had been in before you has this been updated any

posted : June 17, 2006 Post subject: Money or smiles
Andy Andy andy y do you bother with capernwray, when theres a smile for you at 8 acre, yes can confirm still doing free Tea/coffee, the on site facilities you'll be amazed at no more the turdis as you put it, propper changing facilities and toilets plus a cafe on site for those all important bacon butties. Viz brill now water warmed up 10/15m temp 19degrees. ps don't tell too many people, we want too keep it quiet......

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