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posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Contents Gauges
Hi all, I am in the process of buying a twinset, I was working out what I need to get & got to thinking of contents gauges. Do I need 2 gauges, 1 for each side just incase I have to do a gas shutdown & am surfacing on 1 cylinder? surely better to know what gas is available, or is this being over cautious? Thanks in advance. Dave.

posted : October 17, 2004 Post subject: Contents Gauges
On a manifold twin set one gage will suffice. If independents then you will need two. I myself for a long time followed what people said was the right kit configuration, but at the end of the day itís what YOU are happy with. If your not comfortable or have something on your mind, you will neither be safe or fully enjoy your diving. I personally only use one, if I have to shut down then I am on my way up. But then I always carry stage cylinders as well.

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