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posted : April 17, 2006 Post subject: equalization
Hi, every time i dive i can clear perfectly fine until i reach 15 m (45 feet). then it is almost impossible to clear, but if i ease down extremely slow i can go deeper and the pressure in my ears eventually goes away. i was wondering if anyone else experiences this and if anything can be done to speed up the desent. i know its making my dive buddies angry having to wait for me.

posted : April 17, 2006 Post subject: equalization
Best action is for you to have a trip to the docs, there may be some wax in the ear canal, if this is so its a good idea to put a few drops of warm olive oil in the ear (warning do not put cotton wool in your ears as it clogs them up) to soften the wax befor the doc cleans it out. I hope this is of some help Paul

Diving phil
posted : April 18, 2006 Post subject: equalization
In my experience most people have problems with clearing at 6-9m, which is logical given that it is at this point that a diver is experiencing the highest proportionate pressure change (Ie diving to 10 m = 2 bar pressure ie an increase of 100% over the surface, whereas diving from 10 -20 m only increases the pressure by another bar ie 2 > 3bar = 50% increase).

A common mistake is failing to clear until it starts to hurt, by then the pressure has built up and it is very difficult. If you are diving to 15m without clearing this is probably the problem.

I would suggest that you start clearing AS SOON AS YOU START YOUR DESCENT, ie as soon as you put your head underwater, and clear again every 1m (for some they have to clear even more frequently ie virtually continuously), this way you do not give the pressure a chance to build.

If at 15m you cannot clear, the correct action is to ASCEND to a depth where you can clear and then clear continuously as you again descend.

If you cannot clear you should not continue the descent as it is painful and can injure the ear.

Hope this helps


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