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posted : April 17, 2006 Post subject: Strobe for Olympus?
I've got OLYMPUS C8080 with PT-23 OLYMPUS housing. Can anyone advice my any STROBE which fits my housing.
Thanks, Bart.

john nicolson
posted : May 1, 2006 Post subject: Strobe for Olympus?
If u had an Ikelite I would have said a DS50 or DS125 because u can use the olympus TTL

Check with cameras underwater

john nicolson
posted : May 5, 2006 Post subject: Strobe for Olympus?
Just as an afterthought have u checked out these sites
Thought this might help you
PS keep in touch not many of us 8080s

posted : May 8, 2006 Post subject: Strobe for Olympus?
Just a word of warning. We had the PT-023, as did two of our friends. The small plastic lug that holds the front of the housing break VERY easily. My two friends lost thier camera's, we were lucky as ours broke during cleaning. We have since opted for the Ikelite (although a tad more expensive) which proves to be more robust. Also we picked up Ikelite strobes on Ebay from America at a fraction of the price here. Olympus know about the design fault as they re-imbursed without query. Hope you don't have the same problem, just treat it gently, specially out of the water as under pressure they are fine. Hope this info is some help. Happy diving.

posted : June 6, 2006 Post subject: Strobe for Olympus?
I use a Sea & Sea YS-90 strobe. You will need to buy the special circuitry adaptor that converts the Olympus signal to the correct TTL format. Only way to avoid this (with a Sea & Sea strobe) is to use the Olympus strobe in their underwater housing. I think a Sunpak strobe will work without this electronics adaptor. I forgot the name of who I got the adaptor from, but it was out of Germany.
I also have broke the pins on my lense port. Fortunately I have special insurance that replaced it at no charge.

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