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posted : April 13, 2006 Post subject: Not the normal "Need Job"
Have been reading the other threads and would like to know what people think about my situation.

I am a 30year old civil engineering graduate (uk). I have had a few years in civils jobs and am now a structural engineer. I am getting far too bored spending all day in an office and am looking for a career change.

Now be nice, I am sorry, I am not a "born to dive" type person. I've got a "Padi Advanced" stuff from Thailand (from chasing pretty fish and pretty dive instructors), but that is about it. As with everything else my main motivation is that as rumour has it, "theres gold in them hills". I just wandered what input people have. Will my degree and background enable me to find the money in the job...?

....oh yeah, i gotta ask...Am I too old ?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

posted : April 17, 2006 Post subject: Not the normal "Need Job"
If you want to start a career as a diver 30 is still o.k, as for your degree etc.. it may well help you down the line but to start with you will be doing all the shitty stuff that we all do and it can be bloody horrible. As for the money if you are used to earning a good wage just dont bother, but if you are willing to scrape though for a couple of years it should pick up to an alright amount. Its a good time to get into it and your qualifications will make a difference once youve broken in, but make sure that you really are bored in the office before commiting.

posted : April 24, 2006 Post subject: Not the normal "Need Job"
I am not a diver (yet), always been interested but been into Windsurfing, Surfing and recently just got into Powerkiting - intention is to powersurf! Anyway, if you are a good Civil/Structural Engineer there is no need to be "bored in the office" -we employ engineers and try to give them an interesting life. Our work is chiefly design and is usually very varied ranging from building structures, bridges, and quite a bit of River and Marine engineering, flood defences, Locks, Quays, Moorings etc (and we use divers for surveys etc!). If your heart is set on a career as a diver then we cannot help, if you are looking for a change of work surroundings maybe we can. If you are interested post a reply with contact details. Regards JD

posted : May 18, 2006 Post subject: Not the normal "Need Job"
Thanks for the feedback JD.

Am interested in moving and provided your not an agency I am interested. You can contact me on

I thank anyone in advance for the spam you will send me and assure you that you are only adding to an already spammed out account.

Cheers JD

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