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posted : April 12, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
Hi all,
Firstly I would like to apologize if you have already answered these questions hundreds of times!

I get away to either the med or the carribean most years for a family holiday and recently i have enjoyed doing some diving. I have completed 3 40-45 minute dives and enjoyed them hugely. I would however like to do maybe a couple of dives on the next holiday and I am getting a little tired of the 2hour plus training everytime I want to dive. The logical step, I think, would be to get PADI certified?
My questions are these:
Do I need to dive regularly to maintain my PADI qaulification or is it something that once complete I have for all time?
Do you think I am going down the correct route and how much should I expect to pay?
What sort of time frame to get certified?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


posted : April 13, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
Hi if you don't want to pay a lot of money training with PADI look up your local BSAC club the trainning is a bit more intense (ie resque skills are included at an earley stage at no extra cost) depending on your learning abillity you can be qualified in a similer time to any padi centre and the qualification is recognised world wide no exceptions, lads from my club have been diving in cuba with no problems, hope this is of some use to you if you need more info go to or post your ?s here

posted : April 15, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
I am not overly bothered about the money although i don't want to spend a fortune, and I also don't want to dive in the cold of GB, which rules out local training. So I guess my original questions still stand?

Any help and advice will be much appreciated.



posted : April 16, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
Hi, if you don,t want to train in UK then ther are some excellent BSAC Schools over seas have a look at and follow the links, its worth looking at then you will have more options best of luck Paul

posted : April 24, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
If you go to a local dive shop you can do all the theory and pool work in the uk then get a referrel to do the open water in a resort of your choice.

dive groupie
posted : May 1, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
Yep, I agree with Westy. Do the confined at home and the nice bits, open water, in the med...lovely. Once you are qualified, you have it for life. I usually do a shore dive when I go on holiday or an afternoon dive (usually/should be shallower) just to get back into it. Advice? ask to see the qualification of your instructor before you start to make sure that you are not being certified by someone who is paying an instructor to sign you off, and is not actually qualified to do the job.

posted : May 1, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
Hi Simon,

I learned to dive nearly 20 years ago and logged over 60 dives in all sorts of conditions, but never got certified properly (long story!).

Recently we've taken to going to the Red Sea and Egypt and I've started diving again. I've noticed that dive centres are getting stricter about certification, so last week my son and I started a PADI course.

I did lessons 1-3 in one go in the pool and next week it's 4 and 5, then there's some lake dives over a couple of days and that's it.

Given the problems I've had over the last 20 years whenever I fancied a dive on holiday, it seems well worth the effort. I'd rather do it here and then be straight into a proper dive on holiday than spend holiday time getting the cert. Once it's over it's over and it's easy to plug into a course here.

Cost - 270 each.


posted : May 9, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
padi just require you to prove your skills in confined water if you attend a new dive centre and havent any logged evidence in your log book of recent dives. its not difficult to demonstrate skills in a pool if youve been through the padi training initially, its like riding a bike. time frame initially varies for open water, but expect abroad to use up at least 5 full days of your holiday, what with the studying exams etc. if your days abroad are numbered, or your partner objects to time intensive training, best to do the confined water exercises in the uk, and complete in warm water. hope this helps. safe diving.

posted : May 21, 2006 Post subject: PADI question
Thanks all very much for taking the time to reply to my questions. I have found a dive center close to my next holiday destination at which I can complete the PADI certification for the reasonable price of 200. I have purchased some flippers, snorkel and a mask and now cannot wait to get over there and get diving again! The guy at the dive school says 4 days to compete the course which seems to be about right, but to help matters along I have purchased a book to do some learning before i arrive.

Anyway thanks again guys



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