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posted : March 26, 2006 Post subject: looking for job
I`m looking for any diving job, but prefer commercial diving.
My name is Nemanja Damnjanovic, date of birth 03.09.1982. Poland.
Started with diving in 1996. when I finished the course CMAS P1 , for long time trained finswimming and underwater orientiring.
I`w been in army, in the navy.
In 2004. I finished the course for PADI dive master and went to Sharm El Sheikh where I worked for 10 months as a dive master.
In 2005. I finished the course for the 3th class diver in Poland and started to work in company for underwater works in Poland "Soley" (where I still work).
Mostly we worked on dams, reconstructions of concreet, inspections, metal cutings, construction works, cleaning of the botom, injections etc.
Very often we used the help of heavy building equipement (krans).
In those works I dived in diferent diving equipements: - heavy equipement: - drager
- easy equipement: - spirotechnique, aga (full-face mask)
- AXO 26 (full-face mask)
- kirby & morgan, super light 27 (modern helm)
- gorski, G 2000 (modern helm).
I speak very good English, Russian, Serbian, Polish and a little Arabic.
If there would be need I can organise complete diving team, till 5 divers (all those divers have more then 3 years of experience).
or phone +48 888 226 176

posted : March 29, 2006 Post subject: looking for job
you might want to try understand the forum, this more belongs in the 'job section'... Dont you think?

posted : March 29, 2006 Post subject: looking for job
just realised i was on the wrong forum, lol...
try the dive forum at :

They got a job section there... might help you out, good luck :D

posted : May 2, 2006 Post subject: looking for job
Hi Nemanja. I noticed your advert looking for work on uk diving's website.
I run a company based in Scotland specialising in live shellfish harvesting.
We are an experienced company in this field and are currently looking for qualified divers ( minimum HSE part 4 ) for well-paid jobs on the Scottish west coast.
I would be interested to hear from you.
Please either email or phone garry on 0044 7702 757254.

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