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posted : March 22, 2006 Post subject: PADI or BSAC
I'm bored of just snorkling and want to become a diver. What do you all recomend as the best organisation to learn to dive with? Any advice will be well recieved. Thanks.

posted : March 22, 2006 Post subject: PADI or BSAC
hi rich,
congrats on deciding to become a diver
as for bsac or padi both are good at what they do there is only very slight differences between them both will offer excellent training tho padi is quicker and more versatile if time is a factor and padi is more widely recognised around the world.
good luck scubadon, PADI INSTRUCTOR.

Dave t
posted : March 27, 2006 Post subject: PADI or BSAC
Hi I have to agree with the above PADI is more widely regconised around the world. I have trained with several different agencies and although they all have their pro's and cons I do feel that Padi maybe lets you into the water just a little to quickly. I know this varies from place to place. I trained in the Republic of Ireland and the centre i trained with were excellent in every way but a couple of friends of mine trained at a PADI centre in greece and they went from been total novice divers to "Advanced" divers in just ten days. Fortunately they are smart and realised that although they were now certified as Padi advanced open water divers they were nothing of the sort. Not sure if this is relevant to your question but just thought i'd pass it along. I also want to make it clear that I am in no way anti padi. I am a padi rescue diver.I have also trained with CFT (the Irish version of CMAS) and SSAC. If you want in the water sooner rather than later and have a reasonably inteligent head on your shoulders then i'd reccommend PADI.

posted : March 28, 2006 Post subject: PADI or BSAC
Hi BSAC is recognised the world over no exceptioms in fact when my club have visited places like red sea, malta, russia, spain, cuba, and have shown there Blue loge books they have been welcomed with open arms even at padi centres. the main difference with the training is padi iscostley BSAC clubs are muck less costley. Paul BSAC Advaced instructor and Padi Dive Master

posted : March 28, 2006 Post subject: PADI or BSAC
Ooops Much less costley (no dout some one will pick up on my typing LOL)

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