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Leigh Bishop
posted : March 16, 2006 Post subject: CDNN diving industry spammers beware
I would be interested if anyone has had any problems with the CDNN info cyber diver news network. US wreck diver Brad Sheard had one of his images stolen by them which was on my site after trying in vien to contact them we never had any replys but became victims of hate. This continues to this day. We have had them removed from one server as their legal department finally had enough of complaints filed against CDNN.

Many people are beginning to expose the true CDNN so called diving industry news website. one example is here CDNN cyber diver news network from there many more links to their abuse can be found. This page was set up to expose CDNN.

The news they post is 90% stolen from other sites a simple google search soon reveals the original source.

CDNN spammers many people are mailing us stating that they subscribed to the site and within days became total victims of spam. The site is also apparently an adaware cookie spyware distribution site.

Please boycott this site or circulate/ cross post this post to help this link around the web

posted : April 5, 2006 Post subject: CDNN diving industry spammers beware
Hi Leigh,

We spotted this sometime ago and wondered how they were getting away with it but if it is a non profit organisation I believe they can continue to put it bluntly 'Steal other peoples news'.

Neil Hoskins
posted : July 20, 2006 Post subject: CDNN diving industry spammers beware
Some articles are paraphrased, but many are simply copied and pasted. You can usually spot the latter because they've usually be written by, say, a local newspaper and don't understand much about diving. For example, talking about "oxygen tanks" and suchlike.

They're currently hosted in Hong Kong, and look very hard to get at to me. Best thing is probably to do what you're doing and just let it be known that it's a scam operation.

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