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posted : March 10, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead
Something that I can not understand is why placing your mask on your forehead is considered bad practice even when out of the water. I have been told that this is the sign of a panicked diver. I have seen panicked divers several times and the givaway signs are definately not having your mask on your forehead.
Also when from time to time I have seen divers in the water with their masks on their foreheads no one generally takes a blind bit of notice.
After a dive I like to remove my mask whilst waiting to be picked up and If I place my mask on my arm or even on the rear of my head I run the risk of loosing it and have nearly done just that a few times. The forehead is a really convenient place to put your mask.
In a past issue of diver magasine it showed a photo of several American police divers in a rib all with their masks on their foreheads. They obviously do not buy into this Philosophy.
Is this just a Padi thing?
Is it not time to drop this requirement and teach divers to recognise more obvious and conclusive signs of panic?

posted : March 14, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead
hi dugster,im only a novice diver but we was taught that if u put ur mask on ur forehead u run the risk of a wave knocking it off,obviously that wouldnt happen much say ay stoney etc lol but i supose its just getting urself in2 a routine so that u can avoid that happening atall?we was told that its a sighn of distress awell :o/

posted : March 14, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead
hi when I started diving some 20 yrs ago the reason for not putting your mask on your forhead was simply because some diver forgot it was there and on removing their hood the mask was lost over the side o the boat, since then padi seem to have adopted the panicking diving theory (its one of them yanky things LOL) paul

posted : April 4, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead
You mean like "HELP!" and general drowning noises?

My instructor has been one of the strictest for enforcing this rule, once during my DM course actually encouraging me to go and rescue a lady who was swimming along near Swanage Pier with her mask on her head and waving to her family (mask on forehead + waving = two 'classic' panic signals).

I didn't go in.

I understand your point, I've just got into the habit of having my mask around my neck - no chance of losing it though I know some people find that quite constrictive.

My main reason is habit, though I would feel kind of daft if I lost my mask cos I had it on my head. As far as I'm aware BSAC also advise against having your mask on your forehead for the same panicked diver reason.

PADI would suggest that you keep your mask on whilst waiting to be picked up by the way :-) and your regulator in, and your eyes on the theory of the next speciality course...

Have a try with it around your neck and see how it feels, if only to spare someone a few minutes on a boat in the distance wondering whether you're okay.

If all else fails, what the hell, the cops do it so it can't be bad....

posted : April 12, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead
Until i did PADI stuff I had never heard of a mask on the forehead being a sign of distress.
I know many experienced divers who place their mask on their forehead. I am not saying its right.
Theres probably examples of panicking divers with the mask around there neck

Diving phil
posted : April 18, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead

Three reasons

Firsty on your forehead it is VERY easily lost, even on land it is easily dropped and damaged.

Secondly, if you watch a trainee diver that panics and breaks for the surface, the first thing they do on surfacing is to push their mask up onto their forehead as they (incorrectly) feel that it is preventing them breathing. This applies to anyone in panic mode. Mask on forehead is definitely a sign of a panicked diver.

Finally, most experienced divers dont remove their mask until back on the boat, it keeps water out of your eyes in choppy seas plus if you need to put your head under to release a clip or similar when getting back on the boat it is easier to see.......

posted : April 18, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead
I've heard it's a distress signal for another organisation.

posted : April 18, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead
The diving manufacturers sell us so much stuff that we "REALLY" need, so can none of them come up with a mask retention device??? Ideal for when a mask is ripped off underwater, we would know exactly where it is!!!

john nicolson
posted : May 1, 2006 Post subject: Mask on forehead
After seeing an american navy diver who put his mask on his head back to front to show he was not in distress, take of his hood and his mask fell overboard.
He then borrowed a mask and quickly went to retrieve it. unfortunalty he did not have enough air
and died. I too now teach not to put your mask on your forehead. I clip it on my stabi chest clip.

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