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posted : February 24, 2006 Post subject: Diving light markers
Hi, i am interested in finding out if there are any diving lights in production either used for guide markers (or similar) in uk waters?
This is for a college project and ive also got this idea for specimen priority light up boxes... when a 'specimen' is found of high prioroty it can be kept in the box until its able to be picked up. If its high priority then the box would be lit up green (or yellow, red for low prioroity)
is there anything like this on the current market that i could research into?

posted : March 4, 2006 Post subject: Diving light markers
I'm not sure if i get the jist of what u are saying, but..
We often use glow sticks as markers on shot lines and along wrecks etc in low visibility, these obviousley arte available in different colours and can be used to mark different points along the wreck etc, i.e shot line yellow towards bow red towards stern blue etc etc. We also use the sticks on night dives sometimes whilst abroad.Hope this is of some help.

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